Thanksgiving is a time of year when most people get some time off work, spend some time traveling to be with family, and eat a meal or two of turkey with all the fine side dishes.  The Thanksgiving holiday is also a time that can cause anxiety for many due to demanding travel schedules, cooking to prepare food, running back and forth from the market and stores picking up supplies, and even spending time with family.  Time with family during Thanksgiving should be relaxing and peaceful but sometimes it just isn’t, here’s a few ways that might make it a littler more enjoyable.


Remember, the Thanksgiving holiday, is a time of year to be thankful and grateful to God for the family and life you’ve been given.  While you may have issues and differences with family members, be thankful that they are in your life.  Immediate and extended family members enrich your life in ways more than you know.  They also mean more to you than you realize.  Don’t focus on the problems and negative issues you may have with some of them, but instead focus on the precious moments of life you’ve lived with them and how much you love and appreciate them.  We all know life is short and so why waste time focusing on the negative.


The Thanksgiving holiday is also a time when family is usually gathered together to have a nice meal together.  This gathering is as good a time as any to discuss issues with family members and resolve conflicts.  Now having conversations about these issues, unless appropriate, would not be done around the dinner table, but could be done with conversation in private with the individual family members before the meal or after during a walk around the block.  To approach these conversations, come with a humble heart willing to forgive, forget, ask for forgiveness and / or make amends as is necessary.  Basically, time is short and there is no need or benefit for you to spend your life carrying around grudges or unforgiveness in your heart towards family members or anyone else for that matter. 


Thanksgiving with family is also a time to relax and enjoy the day and not take life too seriously.  Life is serious enough, just laugh, be merry, enjoy the food and especially the time with family.  Once you have had conversations and begun to resolve family issues, go back to being a family, love each other and let everyone know that you care.  Tell some funny old family stories from years gone by, make new memories together and carry this new mindset of Thanksgiving with you all year long and put it to good use.


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