Cancun Mexico

Cancun Mexico is an amazing beach destination and it is popular with all types of travelers. While you are very likely to enjoy your vacation when you decide to visit, there are a few things that you should plan for so that you can really get the most out of your trip. Things like the Cancun weather, attractions, transportation and other things are extremely important especially if you plan to explore the area as opposed to staying on the beach most of the time. Here are some things to keep in mind for your trip to paradise

Cancun Weather

The Cancun weather can vary a lot depending on the season you choose for travel. That does not mean that you will find cold weather during the winter months, but rather that you have to be a bit wary of hurricane season and the rain. Hurricanes do not hit the area every year, and the hotels are built to resist most of what Mother Nature has to offer, but you do not want to travel to a beach destination to stay at the hotel. Hurricanes and tropical storms are more likely to hit the area from May through December, but you have options if you are unlucky enough to arrive when a storm is on its way such as heading to the other side of the Yucatán peninsula where the storms lose a lot of strength.

If there is no hurricane in the area (which is very rare) then you may see a few storms but they are usually not something that will last for more than an hour so you should still be able to enjoy the beach in great Cancun weather. Check the forecast before you leave home and make the proper arrangements.

Great Mexican Beaches


Cancun Mexico is known for having some of the best beach resorts in the world and if you can afford to stay in one then you should. Those who cannot afford the big resorts also have options, and they should probably avoid staying in the city away from the beach. The problem with staying in the city as opposed to the resorts area is that you will have access to very small beaches because the resorts cover most of the beach area. All beaches are public areas, but to get to them you would have to go through a hotel which you would not be able to do as they are private property. Some of the public beaches include Playa Caracol, Playa Delfines, Ballenas, Tortugas and Las Perlas.

If you cannot afford the resorts then there are other options like looking for a hotel in a city like Playa del Carmen or Tulum. Those are great beach towns with most of the amenities you would have in Cancun, but where access to the beach is not limited. You can find hotels within walking distance to the beach for $35 to $50 a night which is a great price for the Mayan Riviera.

Don’t Stay At The Beach All The Time

While the beaches in Cancun Mexico are the main attraction for most people, they should not be the only thing that you visit. If you decide to never leave the beach by your hotel you will miss things like Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox, Chicxulub and other amazing adventures you can enjoy. Chichen Itza is one of the most famous ruins in the entire country and it is close enough that you have to see it. Tulum is a beautiful beach town with ruins right next to the beach which makes for a great picture. Isla Mujeres and Isla Holbox give you other great beaches with the opportunity to dive with whale sharks. Chicxulub is where you will find the meteor crater that scientists believe killed the dinosaurs and changed the history of the planet forever.

Chichen Itza

People who decide to stay by their resort will miss all of those things and while a beach vacation is great, you want to make sure that you take in as much as you can. People who do the most usually are the ones that cannot wait to come back.


A lot of the businesses in the area will take both pesos and dollars, but it is usually a good idea to pay in pesos. When you pay in the local currency you get the advertised price while you will not always get the best exchange rate when you use dollars. You can exchange your currency at the airport when you arrive, at some hotels and banks and currency exchange booths through the area. The businesses that will exchange your currency will have the rates posted in front of them and banks also show you exchange rates on their windows. Some ATM's will give you both pesos and dollars, so you should always ask for pesos unless you are getting ready for your trip back; that way you will not have to pay an exchange fee.

Another thing to beware of is the “tourist price”. When you are shopping from a street vendor instead of a store you could be given the tourist price. The vendors will try to get more money for souvenirs from tourists than they would from locals. You can always try to bargain the price down to a fair amount. You can get some great prices, but they will not lower the price unless you ask.


The food at the resorts is great and you should have it, but to have the real taste of Mexico you will have to go into town. The city will feature many small restaurants which serve authentic Mexican food, and Comida Corrida. These restaurants usually charge $3 to $10 per person and will serve food the way the locals have it.

If you want to get away from the tourists and get closer to a real Mexican beach town with authentic food then go south to Puerto Morelos. While tourists are here as well, this is a smaller fishing town which means fresh sea food with a Mexican touch. Enjoying real Mexican food in Cancun Mexico is a lot easier when you take a little chance, so do not be afraid of asking for the real thing.

Real Mexican Fajitas