If you are planning the quintessential family vacation and traveling with a car then here is some tips and advice to help you and your family to have a more enjoyable vacation.

1. Bear Photography Tips

Bear PhotographyCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixelpackr/5315707564/

I know you may have never seen a bear in the wild before, but if you ever do on your vacation to not approach the bear, do not get out of your car, and definitely do not ask the bear to pose and smile for the camera. Anytime you act like the Paparazzi and approach wild animals for pictures you are inviting trouble. Buy a digital SLR and get a long zoom lens if you want to take pictures of wildlife while still reaming alive.

2. Research Lodging

LodgingCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ilker/4444262400/

You may not want to book a motel in advance so you can remain flexible with your scheduling; however you still want to at least peruse some of the offerings in the area you will be traveling in. Remain flexible so that you will not ever have to be force to stay at a dumpy hole in the wall motel. Sometimes it is much better to sleep in the car or to pack a tent for your car travel trip.

Motels can vary even within the same lodging chain too. Motel 6 has many wonderful properties, but they also have some very run down and shabby looking properties. It pays to do some research, even if you are not entirely sure of which area you may need lodging in for the night.

3. Hair Cuts

BunCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/goodhugh/2188037129/in/photostream/

Many women like to go to the stylist before they leave on vacation. Regardless of what type of hair style you are sporting, it will look out of date in the future. Skip the hair stylist and save the money for buying more tacky souvenirs. Yeah you may want to get your hair trimmed up a little bit, but why would you spend a lot of money for a fancy hairdo when you are going to be sleeping in rustic roadside motels that may have bedbugs?

4. Check the tires

Check the tiresCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jarchie/3534031849/

Before you head put on your family vacation take the family sedan into the tire shop and have them check out the tires to ensure there is no problems. Underinflated tires alone will cause your fuel mileage to drop drastically costing.

Sometimes tires will appear to be in good condition but once you get the car lifted off the ground and look at the tires you spot a small separation. This is very common. That small separation will cause the tires to blow-out and potentially wreck, or at the very least you will have to deal with a flat tire along the way.

If you have ever had a flat tire when it is raining or on the side of a busy road you know how frustrating it can be. Even if you have a car club membership you still have to wait for the tow truck driver to come out fix it for you.

5. Check the Weather

Check the WeatherCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jarchie/72690243/

It is amazing how many people don’t look up the weather until they see a storm approaching. If you are going to be traveling then its pays to know what the weather up ahead will bring. If you’re planning on camping you can now plan on finding a cheap motel along the way so you do not get drenched in your tent over the night.

If you have always wanted to travel in a convertible and pretend to be Thelma and Louise, then you need to ensure you won’t be driving through Detroit in middle of the cold blustery winter.

6. Take Plenty of Photos

Take Plenty of PhotosCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kingpowercinema/27621782/

You definitely do not want to jump out of the car and run up to take a portrait if a bear; however you do need to take plenty of pictures so you can share them with other people in the future. Take fun shots too. Remember, even when you think you look cool…eventually that picture will come back to haunt you in your old age. Even though you may not like having your pictures took it is important to share them with the future generations. Don’t forget to upload to some photos to Facebook along the way so your friends and family can enjoy your trip to.

7. Bring a Cooler

You are going to be traveling by car so you might as well pack a cooler. You can keep some cold refreshments and the stuff to make some sandwiches. It will save you some money, especially if you are traveling with overweight children.

8. Have Fun

Relax and enjoy your trip. Something is bound to occur that will stress you out or irritate you, but don’t let it ruin your vacation. Stay positive, adapt, and overcome. Don’ get road rage or stress out over minor occurrences. This is your vacation and if you get in a bad mood then it will be contagious and affect the rest of your family who are also traveling with you.

9. Back roads

When you get to your destination or along the way to your destination it pays to take the back road. Maybe not necessarily a different road literally, but simply change things up. Instead of only visiting the tourist traps get off the beaten bath and immerge yourself into a new territory, around new people, in unknown situations. This is the only way to truly experience a new area is by avoiding the tourist traps and looking in areas where tourists never go, but the locals do.

10. Ask Friends and Family

If you use Facebook to interact with your friends and family then it is vital that you use it for travel ideas and or advice. If you are going to say Salt Lake City, Utah for a vacation, then you can ask your friends and family on Facebook for any ideas about where they should go. If anyone has been there or lived there then they may be able to recommend something you may not have otherwise found such as a nice restaurant.