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Getting a presence online is very important whether you are a business, a blogger or even someone looking to make a little extra cash selling domain names. Getting good domain names is very important if you are going to succeed in today’s world, but not everyone knows how to do it. It is not just about selecting a few words and adding a.COM at the end. You need to look for the things that will make it easier for people to find you; that way they can become your best customers and bring you the profits that you are looking to make. Here are a few tips that will help you get a good domain name.

Short And Sweet

The first rule when looking for good domains is to make them short and sweet. Some people who have never searched for one before will look for things that are memorable, but they make the mistake of making it too long. Longer names are harder to remember than the shorter ones; one word is perfect, two words are ok, three words are just too much. The reason shorter names are better is because they give the people looking for you a smaller chance of making a mistake when typing them. 

The one problem now is that most one word web addresses are already someone’s property. Some of them are for sale while others are full of content already. You can choose to go with extensions other than .COM, but .COMs extensions are your first priority. If you can get a one word name with that extension then go ahead and get it as soon as you can, if not then go with a .NET if available.

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Is It Time To Rebrand?

The best way to make sure that you get repeat visitors is to help them remember what the domain name is. That means that the first rule is that your domain name is the same as your website’s name. This is an easy thing to do, but a lot of people want to get creative and call their site something different. This happens more often when a person decides to get a name with their company’s initials as opposed to the full name. If the company’s name or the venture is too long to still be a good choice then start working on re-branding so that people know you for the initials as opposed to the full text.

Think of companies that use initials like AT&T or IBM. Some people do not even know that AT&T stands for “American Telephone and Telegraph”, but they recognize AT&T. The same thing happens with IBM which stands for International Business Machines; they may not know the long name, but they know the company as soon as they hear those three letters. If you are using initials then do not be afraid to rebrand so that your visitors can find you a lot easier.

If Your Business Is New

If your business is new, then you should really hold on before you get the official name so that you have the domain for it. It is important that you make sure that the name that you want for your business is something that has a name available. This is incredibly important because if you name your business and then attempt to get the domain name, you may find out that it is no longer available. If that is the case you could be sending customers to a competitor which translates into a loss of profit to another company.

Do some brain storming and check that the name is available preferably with a .COM extension. If it is not available then try to come up with other good names. If you find one that is available and you love the way it sounds, then buy it as soon as possible. Domain names are a small investment so once you get it, you can keep looking for others or use it. Even if you get a second domain you can always use it to redirect traffic to the main one.

How To Actually Get It

Once you have an idea of the type of name that you want for your business and domain, you need to get it before someone else does. You should visit one of the many internet domain name registrars and get the name registered which ranges from $1.99-$99 depending on the company, the length of the registration and whether you are getting hosting services already or not. You can use their search tool to see if the domain name is available and if it is buy it from them.

If the domain name is already taken but you still want it, then you can see if it is an actual site or if it is "parked" (meaning that it only has ads in it). If the domain is already developed and it looks as if a lot of work has gone into it, then it is likely that the owner will not want to sell it though you can make an offer. If the site is actually parked then you can make an offer, because a parked domain is usually just waiting for someone like you to buy it.

The Right Domain Will Get You More BusinessCredit: Kutay Tanir

Additional Tips

  • Do not use any characters other than letters or numbers: If you can stick to letters only then that is even better. Things like hyphens are actually recognized by search engines, but they are also easy to forget and a hassle to type.
  • Initials should make sense: If your company’s name is too long and you want to use initials, then try to have them make some sort of sense. Things that make sense are a lot easier to remember than random initials.
  • Know the extension: While it is better to us .COM and fall back on a .NET there are other extensions available like .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO etc. and others are country specific like .NU, .DE, .MX, .SG and others. Use only the right ones so that your audience is the one that you want.
  • Check Previous Ownership: Sometimes you will see a domain name that is available which was not before. That means someone let it expire recently. If that is the case then you may get extra traffic from earlier visitors to that site.
  • Use the domain name: Once you have your domain name, make sure that you use it. Print it on business cards, use it on any advertisement or coupon, add it to your email signature etc. the more exposure that you get, the more business you will bring in.