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Everyone likes to get pampered from time to time, but a lot of people never look into luxury vacations because they feel they will always be out of their reach. That is an incorrect assumption and once you know the great vacations that you can get without going broke you will wonder why anyone would ever travel to motels and hotels without the amenities you will be getting. Here are some tips to buy your dream vacation for a lower price.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to save money on luxury vacations and it is one that you do not have to invest much money in. You can find loyalty programs at the website or lobby of the resort or hotel you want to stay in and from then on it is just a matter of time before you start getting discounted rates. Even luxury hotels have low seasons and they do not book every room every night so they bring more people in by giving their customers the better prices. You are taking advantage of the competitiveness of the different resorts and the loyalty programs that they offer.

Keep in mind that these offers are usually available to people who have stayed at the resort in the past, but in some cases you can sign up without ever visiting. Either way it is a good idea to add your name to the hotel’s mailing list if you want good offers coming your way.

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When To Go

As mentioned earlier even the best hotels have a low season and that is the time when you are more likely to find the better prices. If you travel during the holiday season, spring break, Easter, long weekends, holidays or at times when your choice city is holding a special event or convention then you will be competing for the rooms with other travelers; when you travel in the off-season the competition switches to the properties as they compete for you. They compete by giving you great perks and prices that you would not get otherwise.

The days that you usually get the best prices per night are from Sunday through Thursday with very few exceptions in high travel business areas when most people visit during the week. Before you make reservations make sure to check other dates for a better price if your dates are flexible.

Look At Different Travel Agents

If you have a particular property that you want to visit do not settle for the first quote that you get from a travel website or agent. In some cases agents and websites will get exclusive deals that you could miss if you did not look hard enough. These deals are sometimes given with extra perks that would give you more for your money than what you would get if you paid the full price.

Do not just check the hotel or resort’s website because you should use that as an idea of what the price should be. There are websites that will get you an even lower price than what you would pay for the property.

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Bundles Work

A lot of people will make the reservations for everything they need separately and that could mean that they are spending more money than they should. When you bundle up luxury vacations you are probably going to get a discount on every item that you bundle. To see the discounts that you are getting take a look at all the items and how much they would cost separately. You can then try a bundle price from the hotel or resort or a travel agent or discount travel website. The numbers should vary, but the bundled up prices will usually be lower by anywhere from five to 35 percent.

Bundling your vacation also makes it a lot easier to book and keep organized because all the important information will be in one document. When you bundle online you will be able to print that information again if you need it from one single source.


You can also choose to simply ask for a better price. You should know that most luxury vacation spots have a price list which is flexible. The prices are there, but if a property is not fully booked they could cut the price to have more people stay with them. The two reasons they do that is that making some money from a room is better than making no money and because you are another potential customer for the future. They are betting that you will enjoy your stay with them so much that you are likely to come back. Asking for a better price works in the low season and when you are making a last-minute reservation. Not every property will cut the price, but a lot of them will especially if you ask nicely.

You can also ask for a lower price on websites where you can bid for a full vacation. You can say how much you are willing to pay for your luxury vacation and resorts could agree to that price. If they do then they will honor the price either at your arrival or at the moment they say yes depending on which website you are using.

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Coupons are a great way to get a luxury vacation for a set price. You can find a few websites that will sell you a coupon for a vacation or in some cases for a discount at a particular place. Either way you would be saving money so they are really good sources for discounts. Usually when you buy a coupon it will list how much the vacation would normally cost, so before you buy it take a look at how much that same property would cost without the coupon so that you can see how much money you are actually saving.

Coupons are also great because they will usually give you the same price if you travel during the weekend as you would get if you arrived on a weekday. Another thing to look at when buying coupons is the restrictions and if the dates you want to use are available for travel.