Many of us love to snack at night. There is something in us that gets the munchies. We consume foods we know we shouldn't eat and even those who are hard core work so hard dieters during the day can find themselves slipping up at night time. There are some things you can do to make it better though.

Watch What and How Much You Eat.
Snacking doesn't have to be evil. You can make healthier choices that will meet your cravings and will make it more likely for you to stay within healthyboundaries . It is a good idea to try not to eat a lot at night and to always make good choices. Thinking about what you are going to eat, how good (or bad) it is for you, and how much you should eat. This can help you make good choices.

Choosing Healthier Salty Snacks.

  • Popcorn- Popcorn is one of those things that can be horrible for you (movie theater popcorn with extra butter and salt) or good for you (all natural butter free popcorn). It is best if you get an air popcorn popper. It is a little more work then doing it in the microwave, but the results are well worth it. You can get a spray on flavor and avoid butter altogether. The only time popcorn is a bad treat for you to have is when it has a lot of butter and salt, so avoid these things.
  • Nuts and seeds- There are a wide range of nuts and seeds that are good for you. They are high in fat and protein so you should only have a few. However, they can be very satisfying. Choose a small handful of your favorite type of nut or seed and enjoy a snacky treat.
  • Cheese- Cheese is another great snack. You want to limit how much you eat, but it can be a great way to go, especially if you are feeling hungry and not just snacky. Choose a small amount of low fat cheese. If you need something more choose low fat crackers to go with it.
  • Veggies with Dip- Few of us remember to think of veggies when we have the munchies, but they are good for us, low in fat and calories, and can be tasty. Add a small amount of low fat dip or sour cream and you can have a salty good tasting snack that works well for at night. Choose carrots, celery,broccoli, or other favorites.
  • Pickles- This may sound like a weird snack option, but pickles often have the perfect amount of salt and many even have a lot of crunch to them making them a satisfying snack.
  • Salty Rice Cakes- If you give rice cakes a chance you will probably find that you really enjoy them. There are a wide range of salty flavors that can meet your salty snack cravings.
  • Pretzels- Pretzels are actually good for you. Have a handful to meet your snack cravings!

Choosing Healthier Sweet Snacks.
  • Fruit- The best option is often a piece of fruit or a small amount of berries. This is sweet, refreshing, and best of all good for you.
  • Cereal- A small bowl of cereal complete with milk is a great snack option. It often cures sweet tooth's and it has a lot of good things in it as well. Top it with some fruit for a refreshing treat.
  • Toast with honey or jam- Another good snack is wheat toast which is healthy for you topped with honey or jam (both of which have some health benefits).
  • Sweet flavored rice cakes- Rice cakes come in a wide range of flavors and some of the best ones are sweet flavored ones. Try caramel or apple cinnamon for a dessert like treat that istruly healthy for you.
  • Yogurt- Low fat yogurt can be a great treat. You can try a wide range of flavors (many are even based on your favorite desserts such asCherry pie, key lime pie, or mocha without all the calories). You can also try frozen yogurt for a tasty frozen treat.
  • Low fat graham crackers- Your favorite graham crackers as a kid can also make good snacking as an adult. Try cinnamon sugar or honey for sweetness without the guilt.
  • Low fat ice cream- We have come a long way in low fat desserts and low fat ice cream can taste as good as the real deal without all the calories and fat. Thesevarieties now include a wide range of options, flavors, and varieties for you to come up with your favorites.

To Help Limit Your Night Time Snacking:
  1. Eat well at meals. Meals should be where you get the majority of your calories. Eat a balanced meal so that you are less likely to have cravings. Eat at least three full meals a day and consider moving to six small meals a day if your schedule will allow it.
  2. Snack between meals, but never enough to skip a meal. Instead have a small handful of something or a piece of fruit to hold you over and give you a boost without damaging your likelihood of having a good meal. The 100 calorie packs or 4 ounce Glad containers are often the perfect snack size.
  3. Don't ever replace meals with large snacks. Often we get caught up in going and find ourselves snacking instead of eating. This usually leads to more and more snacking because you find yourself hungry shortly after the missed meal.
  4. Eat a small dessert. One of the major reasons we cave into large night time snacks is simply cravings. One way to help battle cravings is to eat a small dessert after dinner. This can take care of your sweet tooth without ruining your healthy lifestyle.
  5. Drink lots of water. Research shows that most of us don't know when we are thirsty. Many of us mistake thirst for hunger and eat when our body really wants us to drink. If you stay hydrated you are less likely to think you are hungry and less likely to eat.
  6. Make small snacks. It is often tempting to make huge portions for our snacks (after all we don't have to come back for more that way), but it is also more likely that we will eat a lot if we have large snacks all prepared. Therefore the best way to battle the issue is to make small snacks. You can always come back for more and yet you are less likely to over eat that way.
  7. Watch your TV and movie watching time. It is easy to snack during TV or moving watching. Many of us enjoy it (popcorn anyone?) and many of us get caught up in what we are watching and miss when we have hit the full mark. Its a good idea to watch how much you eat during these times and limit your snacking in front of the TV. It is also a good idea to limit your TV watching altogether to work toward a healthier lifestyle.
  8. Remember "all things in moderation". While it really isn't true that all things in moderation are good for you (arsenic anyone?), but the saying works well when it comes to snacking. You can have your favorites, but stick with small servings and you will do better.

Night time snacking is by far the most dangerous. These calories aren't likely to be burned before you go to bed and will therefore be turned into fat while you sleep. This isn't good for your body. So, limiting your night time snacking and choosing wiser options is often the best bet.