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A night at the movies can be entertaining and exciting for many. However for those that are concerned about their weight, this can seem like a nightmare. The best thing someone in this position can do is to eat a healthy meal at home or at a restaurant before arriving at the theater. Doing this will keep you in control of your calories, in addition you mayeven decide to skip the concession stand completely because you are feeling full. Still feel like snacking while you enjoy the flick? Well here are some choices that won’t fill you with regrets.

Cut The Caffeine And Frozen Sugar

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Sodas (this includes diet) and slurpees are some of the biggest villains at the cinema, they are loaded with sugars, calories, and the sizes are out of control. Order a bottle of water and you will save yourself from disaster. For an extra kick to your H20, bring a container of mio into the theater with you (make sure the ushers do not see it), once you are seated comfortably, squeeze some into the water and enjoy.

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On To The Corn

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Nothing goes better with a movie than a tub of popcorn, unfortunately it is loaded with calories and sodium. You don’t have to pass up on this snack, just order a small option and make sure to ask for no butter and salt. Feeling adventurous? Then prepare a bag of Orville Redenbacher low fat popcorn or kettle corn at home and sneak it into the theater. Add a little garlic powder, cinnamon, or grated parmesan cheese to make the popcorn more delicious. Redenbacher options are lower in calories and are better alternatives to the theater popcorn. You can also forget the popcorn and pack unsalted nuts and dried fruits into a zip lock bag and sneak it in, just make sure not to get caught. By the way, slice apples, baked chips, string cheeses, whole wheat crackers, and other healthy snacks are easy to sneak in with you.

Candy Choice

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Some people pass on the popcorn and prefer to munch on candy while enjoying the film. These treats contain tons of sugar and can have as much calories as a hamburger. To satisfy your sweet tooth pick dark raisinets, they are lower in calories than other options. If raisinets are not available, select something with dark chocolate, it is a better choice than milk chocolate.

So go ahead, snack with confidence and have a great movie night.