Here Are Some Tips On How To Prevent Childhood Obesity

Tips For How to Prevent Childhood ObesityCredit: Free Stock Photos

Childhood Obesity, What Is It?

Obesity in children is generally categorized as 10 percent heavier than what is recommended for the age and weight. So gaining a pound here and there won't make a child obese, but it is important to check that weight gain.

According to studies, children start showing signs of obesity between the ages of 5 and 7. And, children who are obese between the ages of 10 and 12 have an 80% chance of being an obese adult.

The numbers are from 16 to 30 percent of children and teens are now obese in the United States.

What Is The Cause?

With obesity in children on the rise, the cause has been widely debated. But if you simply look at what children are eating and what activities they are doing, it is easy to see why.

Fast food and quick meals has become the standard in today's society. Everyone is on the go so eating quickly is a must.

Also, the internet has taken the world by storm. Online games and wireless phones has changed the way children communicate and the activities they do.

When you combine the change in food with the change in activity, it is easy to see why this has happened.

Is It Hopeless?

Absolutely not. And the great thing is, despite what the media tells you, more regulation of food and activities is not the answer.

Children are resilient. They want to play and have fun. They want to run around because they still have the energy to do so.

This is good news for parents looking to help their children stay fit.

Simple Tips To Help Childhood Obesity

Here are some simple tips you can use to help your child stay fit and away from being obese.

  • Turn Off The Television - I know that this has been beaten to death, but I am going to hit it one more time. The more a child stays in front of a TV the worse. It has been proven to cause ADD and ADHD as well as many other disorders. And on top of all that, the TV is stationary which causes no movement. Children need to move. It's good for them mentally and physically.
  • Use Games To Your Advantage - I have become a big advocate of video games that call for movement. The Wii is great for this. The kids love it because they are playing a video games and you should love it because they are moving and jumping around.
  • Use Fruit For Snacks - Now I know all these doctors will tell you stay away from too much fruit and more vegetables are better. That may be true, but I have never seen some one become obese from eating fruit, especially not a child. Fruit is tasty and naturally sweet. Children love it. Throw out the prossessed food and get some fruit. Yes, you can have vegetables but fruit is better because your children will want to eat it. I am a realist. Don't fight it, let them enjoy being healthy.
  • Water, Water, Water - When my son was born, all he did was drink milk. As he got older, he kept drinking milk. Milk is great but water needs to be apart of the daily diet as well. Make sure your children are drinking water instead of milk or juice all the time.
  • Fiber Bars - I have found that my son really likes breakfast bars from Kellogg's and such. Find the bars that are high in fiber and start letting your children eat that for breakfast. It is a win win for both of you. It is fast in the morning for you and it is great nutritionally for your child. The fiber helps regulate weight gain and sugar levels. It also helps with their moods.    
  • Play Outside With Your Children - This is probably the easiest tip to give and the hardest some times to follow. Because of the time that every one  spends at work it is difficult to come home and play outside. So you have to condition yourself to look at it as a part of the day and not an extra activity that can be skipped. If you are able to do this, then you will find that you have all kinds of time.

I hope you liked these tips. Here is one more bonus tip for you. Make sure everything that you are trying to do with your children is fun and light-hearted.

Remember that children love games and having fun. Make their life fun and they will be what ever you want them to be.

If you have any more tips, please post them here.

Thanks, Cheers!