Finding Temporary Accommodation in Toronto

After all formalities at the Toronto Airport, you can go to the city. If you don't have friends in Toronto with whom you could stay while you are looking for your first apartment, you will need to find a hotel. It's best to research cheap hotels in Toronto before you arrive, because decent hotels at reasonable prices get booked quickly.

You may need to stay at a hotel for at least 3-4 days, until you found an apartment. Most hotels in Toronto charge on a per night basis, but some hotels could offer you a discount if you stay longer. When you are choosing a hotel, consider how far it's located from the bus stop or a subway station, because during your first days in Toronto you will have to move around a lot.

You could also book a motel, a guest house or a cheap youth hostel, if you are immigrating to Toronto without kids. For families with little kids, Toronto guest houses  or bed and breakfast accommodations may be the best and cheapest option. Small guest houses are usually run by families who live right there, and their friendly atmosphere is better suited for little kids than the "touristy" atmosphere of a large hotel or motel. You can find temporary accommodation under cheap hotels in Toronto.


Renting Your First Apartment in Toronto

Once you settle at your friends' place or in hotel, you should immediately start looking for Toronto apartments for rent. This process might be full of unpleasant surprises. Unfortunately, apartment owners (usually large companies own all apartments in the buildings) reluctantly rent apartments to immigrants who just arrived to Toronto and have no job nor credit history in Canada.

The reason they are so reluctant is that the law is actually on the side of the tenants when it comes to disputes. If tenants cannot pay rent, it is very difficult to evict them in Canada. Therefore, the owners of apartments are very careful when they select tenants.

One way to go about this difficulty is to find a guarantor (a Canadian citizen or permanent resident) who will sign your rental agreement with you. If you are unable to pay your rent, your guarantor will have to pay for you. If you have friends, they might help you. Or you could turn to a company specializing in helping immigrants settle in Toronto.

When you rent your first apartment in Toronto, you will need to pay for 2 months in advance. If you are unable to find a guarantor, you might need to pay for 6 months or for a whole year in advance.

Keep in mind that it may be difficult to find a good and affordable apartment in a good Toronto neighborhood, therefore you should familiarize yourself with Toronto - research Toronto apartments for rent in advance.