Lawn care and gardening is important to make your yard look great and will keep you busy. Lawn care can be a lot of work, which is great because you can get some exercise. There are a few important tips you need to know about lawn care and gardening.

Pick Up Sticks: It is important to pick up sticks in your yard before you decide to cut the grass. You, or somebody in your yard could obtain an injury if rocks and sticks aren’t picked up first. If someone were to walk in your yard at the same time you were running over a rock, it could hit them and cause some serious injuries.

Water: Both your garden and you lawn need water often. If you live in a dry state, be sure to have a sprinkler and a hose to water your yard often. Many times people prefer installing underground sprinklers and setting up a certain time for them to turn on and off. This is helpful for the days that you just get too busy.

Lay Grass Seed: It is important to know the right time to lay your grass seed. The best time to lay grass seed down is in the fall when the soil is still warm. You can lay seed down in the spring, but it may not work as well as you would like it to.

Leave Grass Clippings: Leave the grass clippings on the yard after you are done mowing. There is no need to do any extra work because the clippings are actually very healthy for your grass.

Cut When Dry: Cutting your grass when it is dry, but the air is cool is the best time. Avoid cutting the grass right after a rain storm as well as in the hot afternoon when the sun is blistering hot.

Change Patterns: Cut your lawn in different patterns as always going in the same direction may damage your yard. Cutting vertically and horizontally every other time will prevent the lawn mower wheels from creating potholes in your grass that may make your yard muddy.

Take Your Time: Don’t cut the grass as quick as you can just so you can get to your buddy’s house. To have exceptionally fine grass, it is important to take your time and not rush through it. Not only will it leave sections uncut, it could damage your grass.

How Much To Cut: Most of the population does not enjoy cutting their lawn. Some people set their lawn mower to a very short length so it won’t grow as tall so fast. This could actually be damaging to your grass. Cutting the grass one-third of its length is the best thing to do.

Weed: Whether you have a flower garden, vegetable garden or a garden full of herbs, it is important to weed the unnecessary weeds out.

Take Care Of Pests: Between those annoying insects, rabbits and squirrels, your garden could be ruined. It is important to take care of pests naturally to avoid chemicals from getting into your delicious garden.

Invite Birds: Birds are definitely not pests, until they start nibbling at your plant seeds after the season is over. Invite birds into your garden as they help to keep the pesky insects away. Some gardeners enjoy building bird houses right inside their garden to keep these beautiful birds close. Be sure to add some bird feed in their little homes.

Choose A Variety: Growing a variety of different things in your garden is great way to gain experience. you can learn so much about different plants such as native plants don’t require as much water and will repel insects a lot better.

Know When To Plant: Study the type of plant, vegetable or flower that you are going to plant and know what time of the year you should plant them in. While garlic is best to plant in fall, asparagus seeds are best to plant during the spring.

Drying Flowers: Drying flowers can be great to use as potpourri throughout the house or simply for decoration. When you cut the flowers to be dried, it is best to cut them when they are in full bloom. Also, store them in a cool and dry location out of sunlight until they are completely dry.

Mulch: Mulch can be wonderful for your garden. It conserves water, cools plants and prevents weeds. Be sure not to cover your flowers with the mulch, simply cover the soil and its roots.

These are just a few garden and lawn tips that are important to remember when you are doing yard work. By following these wonderful tips you should have a wonderful looking yard. If you can only remember two tips out of this article for your garden, water and weeding are the best tips that should be thoroughly followed.