There are so many options that you have when it comes to recycling old socks. To be honest I am what you would call a sock collector. I love all the colors and the various funky looks. Once they are worn out I recycle them. The tips I will list are also great when you can't find that matching pair of socks.

Make A Dust Rag

Making Dust Rags are very easy. Slip a sock that you no longer wear on your hand. You can dampen it with water or furniture polish and clean clean clean! You can use socks for furniture, window sills, computer screens, and blinds.

Keep A Pets Paws Warm

If you have an animal that gets cold, socks can be helpful in keeping their paws warm. You can hang an old sock up in your yard. Young animals like springy and soft warm place to snuggle into this mimics their mother' pouches.

Great For Moving Day

Moving Day

Old socks are great to use when your packing up dishes or other glass items. Place your items inside the sole of the sock and use the top of it to wrap around the bottom. This will keep your items from breaking. You also save money on bubble wrap.

Potpourri Holder

You can fill your old socks with potpourri and sew them close. Put them in your drawers, closets, or under couch cushions. Saves on buying the more expensive pouches in the store.

Make Sock Puppets

Sock puppet

Making puppets out of old socks can be alot of fun. My daughter has made a mini village with all of her baby socks that she can no longer wear. You can go to the craft store and purchase all types of tidbits for your sock puppets.