Here are a few tips for marketing handmade jewelry.

1. Gather your best friends, relatives and business acquaintances. The more the better. People who are really interested in your small jewelry business, and love your pieces, and love you.

2. Invest in time and materials for your best pieces. You will be making and marketing your handmade jewelry through your friends, relatives and business acquaintances. Take the time and match your pieces to your each of your friends personalities and style. You want them to really like the pieces you make for them, so they will fashion them and match them up with outfits.

3. Give your friends, relatives and business acquaintances these best pieces for FREE. But the catch is, that they have to wear them to work, classes, or special events, and they must carry your business cards with them. The investment in materials will pay off in the end in sales!

The above three ideas are great for marketing handmade jewelry. If these are your best pieces, that were created to suit each individual, then they will love to show them off, and answer any questions from any admirers. This really works well in office situations, where there are a number of co-workers who are going to see these special handmade jewelry pieces of yours.

Now create a great inventory (if you don't already have one) and create a "online presence" Put this website or address of your products on your business card, in large enough letters that there will be no mistake. (I always get business cards from people with so much on the front of the card, the website is in the tiniest letters in the bottom corner). If this is your catalogue of handmade jewelry products, you want that site to be well noted on your business card.

If you have ten friends and relatives out there wearing your best products, you can imagine the snowball effect you will have. This is viral word of mouth, but is also your way of marketing handmade jewelry. Jewelry is usually worn to be seen, and it is a great product that other people can see first hand in their workplace, or out and about without ever going to a craft show or a jewelry store.

If they see a co-worker wearing an incredible piece of jewelry at work, they are going to approach them, and ask them wear they got it from. Your friend will then tell them about you, and hand them a card. They can then check out your website, or phone you or visit you depending on the information your friend and your business card give them.

This is a perfectly targeted audience for this type of business. Even if only 20 people see your jewelry, if they can see it, touch it and feel it, and see it being modeled by your friend, they are more likely to want to see more or purchase one similar.

Depending on the lines of business's your friends, relatives or business acquaintances are in, your small handmade jewelry business could get quite well known. If each of your ten friends, showed their jewelry off to ten co-workers, that is one hundred potential customers who have seen your handmade jewelry pieces up close and modeled on your friends.

Lets face it, your friends and family especially, will be your best supporters. They are going to want your business to succeed, and are going to be your best promoters of your products. You can give them a short history on the types of stones that are in their pieces, or other materials, the inspiration of the piece, and they can relay this to a potential customers, who is most likely also a friend or a co-worker.

Word gets around, so why not take advantage of this when marketing handmade jewelry.