Moving to a new home can be very stressful and irritating. It does not seem to matter if you are moving across town or across the Country because all moves seem to be stressful and irritating. Here are some tips to help make you next move go much more smoother.


Once you know you will be moving then pre-pack everything In advance of moving. It seems like this is common sense yet many people wait until the day they are moving and the rush to throw their stuff into boxes and then immediately moving the box out to the moving truck. By pre-packing all of your household items and labeling the boxes you will be much better organized and fewer things will get broke a long that way as they are moved to the new house. If you have volunteers helping you to move then they will greatly appreciate everything being pre-packed because it will make the move so much easier for everyone involved.

Get Help

You should get help to help you load up the truck and unload the truck. Most people have friends and family they can call on for help. If you do not have friends or family in the area where you are moving to then you can either hire some people to help you unload and move everything into the house or you can call the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints, also called the Mormon Church. The Mormon Church will help to send volunteers over to your new home and help you to unload everything.

Don’t Skimp on Moving Supplies

Many people seem to always run out of packing tape and boxes when they are moving. Never skimp on the moving supplies. Once you get in the mental zone of packing and moving you do not want to interrupt that by having to drive to the tore to get more tape, boxes, and other supplies. You can help you move go faster by ensuring that you have plenty of packing supplies with you.

Moving Truck


When people rent a U-Haul or other type of moving truck they often go for smaller truck because it costs less money to rent. Instead of renting a smaller truck and then spending a lot of time making everything fit just right in the back of it you should instead rent the biggest truck they have available. This will allow you to load the truck much faster because you are not fighting to get all the boxes to fit “just right”. You can load the truck up haphazardly and it will still hold as much or more than a smaller truck and will take you much less time.


Many times people will get volunteers to come and help them to move. These volunteers are giving up their time to come and help you to move. Many times the person who is moving is micro-managing the movers and being a real pain in the butt. Feel free to give general guidance to the volunteers but then leave them alone and let them do their job. If you continually micro-manage them it will anger them and they will not be as apt to help you in the future.

For the volunteers it is also vital that you provide a fun atmosphere. It can help to play music for them while they are doing the manual labor of moving. You should also consider buying some drinks and pizza for the volunteers to help reward them for helping you out.

Know When to Call in the Professionals

Sometimes it is just necessary to call in professional movers. It is more expensive but you also need to consider the stress/cost/time load/ of the situation. If your time is spent better in other aspects of your life such as saying goodbye to relatives and finishing up things at your job then you should call in professional movers. If you are moving across the Country and do not want to make multiple trips then call in the professional movers to assist you and make the job of moving go so much easier.

If you have never been moved by professional movers such as Mayflower, then you are in for a treat. They show up one day and pack everything into boxes for you and then the next day they show up and load all the boxes and then the semi-truck filled with your household items leaves to drive your stuff to the new location. Once at the new location they unload everything. Yes you pay a pretty penny for this service but it can truly extend your lifespan because stress is bad for the heart, and professional moving companies truly help to ease the majority of stress associated with moving.

Saturday Move In


If you are moving in without the help of professional movers and you have no friends or family in the area to help unload and you don’t want the Mormons to help you then move in on a Saturday. A Saturday means you stand a better chance of some of your new neighbors coming over and offering assistance since they are apt to be off of work and at home that day. It is still a roll of the dice though so I would recommend professional movers or calling the Mormons, but even Saturdays work better for volunteers outside of your new neighborhood.

Ease the Stress

If you hate moving then you should highly consider calling a professional moving company to get a quote. You may find the overall cost to benefit ratio to show that a professional mover is the way to go. You can free up your time to spend with friends and family that you are moving away from instead of spending your remaining days at your old home packing and organizing for the move. Professional moving companies truly make your life so much easier. Hire professional movers and your job of moving will be so much simpler.