Many people begin to dabble with writing online and then attempt to make it a full-time job. Many people can do this full-time but the problem occurs when many of these people quit their day job too soon. Keep your day job until you build up a list of clients and a lot of steady work. The workloads vary drastically from day to day so if you only have one source for making money online and it goes dry then you are screwed unless you have back-up places available.

Never keep all your eggs in one basket and you cannot have more than one basket until you are in the industry for a while and develop some networks and contacts that can reliably feed you work on a steady basis. You can make a lot of money writing articles but when your first begin you proably will not be earning much until you learn more about the industry. Until you develop your networks and skill level you will be grinding out daily and that gets old fast, so keep your day job for a while longer.

Amount of Content

In order to make money as a new article writer you need to write a lot of articles. ContentCredit: you will not be selling your articles to Rolling Stone magazine yet so you can except to make $5.00-$10.00 for each article you write. Most new writers can expect to earn about $5.00 for every 500 word article they write. One you increase your skills, develop and expand your client base, and get a specialty or niche you excel in writing then you can demand more money for articles and receive it, but until then you are probably going to be stuck with $5.00 articles. In order to earn money with $5.00 articles you will need to write at least 10 a day. The problem is that you probably need more work then that and work can be very erratic to find until you build up your customer base and network.

In the slow times when you are not writing for upfront payment and have no other work then you can write for a website such as InfoBarrel to help build up your passive income. If you keep your day job then you can spend more time writing for InfoBarrel and in the long run you will be much better off because you will receive residual income each month off of your writing instead of simply earning a few dollars for a onetime payment and then no more.



Use Facebook and network with other writers. Do them favors and they will do you favors. When you have an online writing buddy you have networked with and they have too much work to do and a deadline coming up then they can pass off some of the work to you. Successful writers always have a strong network of people they can rely on.

Worried too Much about SEO


Instead of worrying about SEO just make the content interesting to read. It is common for many writers to get clients, especially if you write for Textbroker, who want specific keywords used at a specific density. For example they may request a stupid keyword be used such as “Nevada Hot Tubs Cheap” and they request that this exact term is used 4 times in a 500 word article. These clients are off their rocker and simply keep doing what worked in the past, but SEO has rapidly evolved and this does not work near as good as it used to, plus these clients are trying to rank for keywords that they will never rank for. It is better to write interesting content and leave the crappy SEO keyword spam articles alone.

Not Using Images

If you are writing for yourself on a blog, forum, or website such as Textbroker where you are monetizing the articles to receive residual income then you need to use images with each article. Images give you more traffic from Google, help keep the article interesting to read, breaks the article up to make it easy to read, and helps to encourage people to stick around and possibly click on an ad which will earn you some money. By using images you can also capitalize on getting additional traffic from websites such as Pinterest which are image heavy.

Not Focused on the Long Term

Beach Yellow TopCredit:

You need to focus on the long term. Some days as a new writer you may work your butt off to earn peanuts and then the next day you do hardly any work yet receive a large payout. The writing industry can be very erratic and eventually you will want to branch out and write some Amazon Kindle books or some other source of revenue but for now you need to focus solely on writing articles.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket unless you own the basket. If you rely on only one client to make money then what happens if the client decides he does not need any more articles? You are screwed and hustling for work.

Not Treating This Like a Job


Get up early in the morning and work until a set time in the afternoon. Maybe you work better at nighttime, but wither way you need to put the hours in. Get up and work a shift from 7-4 or something like that. Being a full-time article writer can potentially be very rewarding, but you need to ensure that you treat this like a job and put in at least 40-50 hours a week.

A job where you work from home writing web articles fulltime is very flexible and will allow you the time you to take time off when you need and keep a flexible schedule, but it is vital that you work hard and still put in a full schedule. You should always have work to work on and if you do not have any work then you should be networking trying to get some more work.