Writing erotica can be very lucrative. Not only can you make a lot of money writing erotica, but you may also rediscover your joy for writing. If you are interested in writing erotic then here are some tips to help you.

Pick a Niche

Although your overall market will be smaller than the general erotica field, you will find that you will make more money, especially as a new erotic writer. Pick a niche that you find interesting. You may specialize in BBW erotica literature, Amish erotica (yes, it’s a real niche), sci-fi erotica with alien sex, or countless other niches. If you write well then your readers will continue to buy a lot of your new erotica when you write more in the same niche.

Short Length Awareness

To buyers of erotica, size is very important. If your erotica is only 6,000 words long you can still sell it successfully on Amazon. The only caveat, you NEED to be very clear in the description how long the erotica book is. If a buyer thinks they are getting a full-length novel and it is only a short story they will be angry and leave a bad review. Yes Amazon shows how long each book is, but many people do not look at this. In YOUR description of the book on Amazon you need to be very clear about how many words it has so the buyer is not disappointed. In the long-run this will drastically increase your overall earnings by helping to keep your erotic ratings higher.

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Many erotica writers continually pump out new features on a regular basis. They have the skill to write great erotica, they have a fan base that continually buys their writing, and they make good money off of it. The problem is that some erotic writers get “burned out” and there writing suffers because of it. When the writing suffers the reviews get bad and your loyal fan base moves on to a new writer.

When you begin to feel burned out on writing erotica, then take a break from it. Go ahead and try writing a romance novel instead.

Not Earning Enough?

Many first-time erotica writers are disappointed by the poor sales of their short story erotic on Amazon and give-up. Don’t give up! If you are writing erotic that is between 5,000 to 10,000 words long, then you will not being earning a steady income off of it until you have about 30-35 pieces published. If you write well then you should expect to start earning a lot more money once you have 30-35 pieces of erotic short stories written and published.

Have Fun

If you are not having fun writing your erotic then your readers will not enjoy your writing. Make sure you enjoy what you are writing. If you want to get very weird with your erotic then go right ahead and do it because no matter how strange your niche may seem to you, there is always a market for it.

Amazon Returns

Book returns on Amazon are common, especially in the erotica field. Do not get disappointed by book returns because they are just part of the business. No matter how great the book is, you will always have to deal with returns.

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