If you and your fiancé share a love for travel, consider incorporating a travel theme throughout your wedding.  My new wife and I spent our first few years together in a long distance relationship, which required many hours of traveling back and forth to see each other.  To this day, I still associate travel with romance; that butterfly feeling in the pit of your stomach knowing you are about to embark on an exciting adventure.  What better motif than travel to symbolize that next big step in your lives together!  After spending close to a year planning and researching our wedding, here are a few of the fun and unique ways you can incorporate various travel elements into your big day.


Start By Creating an Inspiration Board

I know this may seem like a bit much but it truly helps when you first start planning and don’t know where to begin. Cut out or print pictures of all the travel details you love. What colors seem to resonate with you? Where do you envision the ceremony and reception? Then search key travel themed wedding words like globes, luggage, airmail, maps, passports, postcards, luggage tags, etc. Print those images you love and paste them together on a large poster board. Here is what ours looked like:

Travel Storyboard


When you can visualize what you want on an inspiration board, it helps keep you focused (anyone planning a wedding knows what it is like to be overwhelmed by the many choices out there). Looking back, I am amazed to find that our wedding was almost identical to what we envisioned on our inspiration board.


Stationary: Save the Dates/Invitations/Programs

A fun way to introduce your guests to your travel theme is through the stationary. Your save the dates and invitations are the first items your guests will see and there are so many ways you can incorporate a travel theme. Think airmail letters, postcards, passports, plane or train tickets, etc. In fact, many designers have stationary suites already created with these elements and are willing to modify them to suit your vision. Here is one save the date I love. It is simple and has an elegant, vintage map in the background.




 Your invitations could be airmail letters or passports. I adored our invitations which were crafted to look like passports but also included various personal elements about our relationship. We ordered our stationary through Serendipity by Design. They were incredible to work with and worth every penny. Although we made passports for our wedding, I also loved the other travel themed invites that included other special touches in the packages including little wooden planes tied around the invite.  

If you are looking to save costs, you can also make your own airmail envelopes. There are a few different sites with instructions and graphics that allow you to do it yourself and customize.  

For another DIY project, consider a program that includes a map of key events in your relationship together, when you first met, the first date, the day of the proposal, etc.


Table Names/Escort Cards

We named each of our tables after a destination we visited together or a city with special significance in our relationship. The background for each included vintage maps and matched the colors of our wedding. Another great idea is to use photos of you and your fiancé together on your travels as the backdrop for your table names. Copy that great picture of you and your fiancé together in Paris, use a romantic font, and you have instantly added a personal and unique touch to your wedding.


Table Cards


 Our escort cards were also little paper airplanes.  All that you need for these is the right template, a nice pair of scissors, and a bone folder to ensure a consistent fold every time!

Escort Cards




You can get creative with your favors, as well. One popular idea is to purchase luggage tags for favors that can double as escort cards. This would be great but from my research, also pretty expensive. If there is another favor that you are set on, or price is a problem, consider using travel themed packaging. I created this airmail package:



Many stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby have all the tools you need to make this airmail favors. This one was made by just brushing ink on the edges of the box to make it look distressed and then using stamps that look like postage to give it the airmail feel. Throw some twine around the outside and you’ve got a great vintage inspired airmail package for each of your guests!


Guest Book and Card Box

Luggage can be a great element to include in your reception décor and would be perfect to use for your guest book or card box. For your guest book, purchase vintage postcards and lay them next to an open suitcase. Post a sign asking your guests to choose a postcard and write a note to the newleyweds. We also used luggage for our card box:

Card Box


You can buy the letters to spell out cards at any Michaels or Hobby Lobby. If you want to go that extra step, paint them to match your luggage or wedding colors.


Additional Decor

There are plenty of additional items you can add to give your travel themed wedding the perfect look.  Stores such as Home Goods sell miniature airplanes that are great for a table.  Items such as luggage tags, suitcases, maps, postcards, and stamp boxes are small but could add just the detail you are looking for.


Overall, incorporate as much, or as little, travel theme in your wedding as you desire! Your guests will love these little touches and will see how they reflect your relationship and love.  Bon voyage!


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