Scramble with Friends Tips

If you thought Zynga’s Words With Friends was addicting, it is time to download Scramble With Friends the Boggle like game. Each game is three two-minute rounds that you can play with your Facebook friends or a random user.  You must wait for your opponent to finish a round before you can play.

Here are five quick Scramble with Friends tips that will help you beat all of your friends!

Tip #1: Tokens

The first difference between Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends is tokens, which may limited the amount of playing you can do at a time.  Mostly likely developed by Zynga as a way to create profit from the game, there are ways around it.

Limit you games to the people you want to play with.  Each time you play a round, you must play a token.  To add a secondary power up (which we will talk about later) you need to use an extra token.

But don’t worry too much.  In the free version, every twenty minutes you earn a token until you have the maximum fifteen.  You can also purchase more tokens for real cash.

Tip #2: Power Ups

Scramble With Friends has three different power ups.  They are Freeze, Inspiration and Scramble.  Each one is exactly as it sounds.  Freeze will freeze the timer, inspiration will give you three words and scramble will rotate the board.

You are allowed one power up during each round and for an additional token, you can choose a second one.  If you are playing a skilled opponent, it would be worth using a second power up.  You can also select the same power up twice, if you find one as your favorite.

Power Up

Tip #3: Two Letter Words

Just like Words With Friends, two letter words can be extra helpful!  With only two minutes to create as many words as you can, two letter words can really add up.  Most puzzles have 300+ possible words and many of them are two letter combinations.

Do not be afraid to try two consonant or two vowel combinations.  There are a few unexpected combinations that will surprise you.


Tip #4: Double/Triple Word/Letters

Again, like Words With Friends, round two and three  feature double and triple combinations that help boost your score.  Players can easily earn a score in the third round that is three times their score of the first round.

Tip #5: Plurals 

Almost all the grids have at least one “s”. Therefore, most words you create can double your score by adding an “s” to the end of it.  While not as easy to do as it is with Words With Friends, you can help increase your score with one simple letter.

Scramble with Friends is an addicting game that will be as popular as Words With Friends!

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