One of the more exciting movies of the Fall season has been Disney’s Wreck-it-Ralph! In the Ralph movie, the story’s main character, is tired of being the “bad” guy and takes an unprecedented step by leaving his current game Fix-it-Felix Jr., then entering other games seeking to earn a medal thus becoming a “good” guy. Of course, this action causes certain chaos and Ralph ends up on a quest to save the day! I’m not going to spoil anything, but I will say that I enjoyed the movie and would gladly see it once more. Today, I’d like to review the Wreck-it Disney mobile game, and more specifically the Fix-it Felix Jr.arcade game. Wreck-it costs .99 and is sold as “3 games in one.” Not bad!

Fix-It Felix Jr. Disney Game

Fix it Felix Jr

If you grew up during the 80′s & 90′s, you’ll most likely appreciate the concept of a classic arcade game. Yes, I do believe there is a dramatic difference between the arcades of old and the massive games of today. Having grown up with both, I can honestly say classic games were difficult. Down-right hard. Whether you were playing Nintendo or an arcade game at the local bowling alley, most games were designed to be hard. In most video games, if you died – you didn’t spawn again. Often you’d start at the beginning with another credit if you were lucky. Pinball games are another example. Unless you are the wizard, you’ll be adding quarters to the machine within a few minutes.

Unfortinately, Fix-it Felix Jr. is not a real arcade from the 1980′s, however, it definitely has the look and feel of a classic 8-bit arcade game, which is why I chose to download and post some hints and tips on how to play it. The object of the game is to fix all of the broken windows (smashed by Ralph), using Felix’s golden hammer while dodging bricks thrown by Ralph, flying ducks, and obstacles. Once you fix every window, you will complete the level which will bring you higher on the tower to fix more damaged windows. As you progress, Ralph will begin destroying additional windows making it harder for you to repair each with the allotted time. After completing the levels, you’ve finished a stage!

“You’ve Fixed It” will appear in bold letters, and you’re accomplishment will be celebrated by the residents of Niceland. Ralph will be thrown off the building to land in some unholy mud at the foot of the tower. Don’t jump for joy, yet! There are 10 stages in total and each stage will have more and more levels to beat. The game will continue for as long as you choose to play, or until Felix gets smacked with a brick three times. Good luck!

Scoring Points:

  • Repairing a window will give you 100 points.
  • Eating a Pie will give you a 500 point bonus, increase your window repair bonus to 200, and give youtemporary invincibility (roughly 5-10 seconds).
  • If you complete a level with time to spare, you’ll receive a Time Bonus. I’m not going to do the match, but each second will add 100-200 points to your total.
  • Scoring a bunch of points will eventually give you an extra life, so keep earning points!
Wreck it Ralph(129014)


  • Flower Boxes: Want to jump up or down? I don’t think so! Beware of windows with flower boxes. These obstructions will keep you from jumping up or down a level. You’ll have to move left or right until you find an open spot to jump up.
  • Open Shutters: The residents of Niceland can make it harder for Fix-it Felix by leaving their window shutters open. Much like the flower box obstacle, these open window shutters will prevent Felix from jumping left or right.
  • Duck Hunt Geese: Watch out for flying ducks! These pests will appear randomly, adding another level of chaos to the game.

 Happy fixing! And yes, I will get around to reviewing tips for playing Vanellope’s Sugar Rush game as well as Hero’s Duty.