So how plus size are you and why would you want to hide it? In this case, the more you hide it, the more prominent it becomes, it’s like trying to hide the best part of you that the world never knew. Any part of the body should be acknowledged, even if you’re on a diet and fitness course, fine but on the way there, love every inch. It’ll make it more practical to solve the everyday fitting challenges.

For the trousers, it’s often advised that men with big stomach should go for pleated. Maybe so. But what I feel is important is the texture and colour of the trouser’s material for instance. Should you go heavy, with corduroys and velvets and knotted cottons with earthy grayish tones or something else entirely? Then, some say avoid pleats at great lengths. So which one should you choose? The current trends for men is the non pleated, you can try it too but to satisfy your curiosity you can try pleated ones too. Who knows you might find just the right combination of colour, texture material and cutting that just flatters you body and who can blame you if you wear a pleated one and have a big stomach.

For clothes, should one wear whites more often or go bold with daring colours? Sometimes you want to fish for inspiration in what’s hot in the season. That’s alright but the secret is always knows what works best for you, in terms of colours, texture and of course designs.

Think wearing a white, off white pants, with dark navy blue jacket/ blazer …shirt, what about shit?Maybe white should be okay. You can entertain the idea of contrasting the lower part with the upper part of your body, this somehow will create a play of colour and will deem as sharp and not concentrating too much on size, because you’re a snazzy clotheshorse J

Some may advise go for dark hues, all black maybe but my advise is be weary of what black are we talking here. Does it suits you skin tones and the texture, does it compliments it or just ruins the entire look. Some will say that choose a lighter type of fabrics, to give that airy light of feather kind of temperament. This I believe is in line with linen look where the choice of looks of country club rich men’s attire. Easy laid back and just shout’s I’m rich and I don’t have to buy snazzy colours to say I’m rich, kind of way. Yes, in a way, most linen shirt designs comes in airy fittings but the cloth snugs nicely with almost any frame without highlighting the belly part.

Sometimes, people say plus size men should avoid loud prints, those Hawaiian shirts and their sorts. My say, is if it’s a holiday, go for it but get one that go easy breezy with you, don’t buy one and regrets it. Buy one and wear it. Holiday is for holiday or if one occasion calls for a light hearted atmosphere go with prints, be ceremonial if I may care.

The last thing about fit is also meant to be the thing about belts. Buy a proportionate one, suited to your frame and be easy on the buckle. Most importantly wear it on the waist not under not higher, you’ll be surprised that people will say it’ll look slimming on you.

Another fashion tips that should be considered is accessories. Try rings. I know a lot of men with big bellies do go with chunkies but this time, get a smaller one but focus on the stones. Get a stone that completes your look, if it is too little to scream for attention then by all means get two. You can wear it on one hand. 

Hairstyle for plus size men should be stylish and with more care the health of the hair. Maybe a big mop of hair looks too heavy, but wear it proudly it could be the centre of attention and commands praise. It’s face value. The hair frames your face. It’s a fashion defining moment, the hair. Not the spiky Japanese, Korean styles please. Yes, no harm trying them but maybe on a lighter occasion when you can be all you want and not be judged for your life for it. A healthy hair is a healthy hair.

 The key to your fashion issues is confidence. Be confident of yourself and we will fix the rest slowly.