There are lots of benefits and responsibilities when you own a car.Responsible drivers take good care of their cars and when need arises they go for car repairs.

There will come a time when the car has to be repaired no matter how good the car is or what make and model it is. Parts will bog down because of normal wear and tear.

If you drive extensively, different parts of your car are prone to aging but there are a few things you can do to save money on car repairs.

- Purchase a brand new car in the first place, if your budget allows it.This way you will get warranties for car service and parts for quite a long time, often for a few years.

- Include collision insurance in your car insurance coverage.If something happens you do not have to pay so much for repairs.

- There is not so much you can repair yourself on modern cars but if you have a car repair manual you can always refer to it for some technical information like sensor locations or wiring diagrams so you can at least troubleshoot what the problem is.

Car maintenance is also a very important thing you need to do regularly, in addition to the general tips I mentioned above.This includes simple activities that many car owners can do like checking the battery, the tires, checking the engine oil and transmission fluid.If you don´t know how you can always ask the guidance of a professional car mechanic.

- Oil changes has to be done regularly, you need to change the oil 3 times per year to keep the engine parts lubricated.Most car manufacturers recommend changing the oil once per year or every 7,500 miles.A major car service, a tune up, needs to be done every two years or every 30,000 miles which ever comes first.

- Brake pads needs to be replaced immediately when they are worn out.

- The radiator has to be cleaned regularly and the cooling system needs to be flushed.

- Change the fuel filter immediately when it gets clogged.

- Changing the air filter when it gets clogged is also important because it will save gas and power.A dirty air filter can damage the function of the air intake system of your car.

- Regularly check and recharge your air conditioning system if necessary.

These were some basic maintenance procedures that you can do in order to save money on major car repairs and to avoid them in the first place.The Internet is full of websites and videos (YouTube) that feature DIY car maintenance.Make sure you have all the proper tools like wrenches, screwdrivers and other basic tools at hand.

When you notice something unusual in your car it is a good idea to find the source of the problem and then fix the problem so that it will not build up to a bigger problem.

If there is a major problem with your car or if there is a warranty, then you need to bring your car to an accredited repair shop as soon as possible.