Here are some Practical Ideas to save money while visting Disney-World

This article idea you can be used to save more while visiting other parks too. For saving purpose, I have divided our saving tips in 5 areas.

1. Ticket/Pass

2 Foods

3. Lodging

4. Entertainment dollars

5. Transportation

Save Money with a Multiday Disney Pass

1. Saving money on Ticket/Passes

--- Buying Multiday Disney Pass can save about $50 per person

You will never find any heavily discounted Disney theme park tickets. Consider this as a fixed cost. However, only way you can save money on ticket is the longer you stay, the less you pay per day. An adult would pay $84 for a single day, but the equivalent of $35.00 per day for a seven-day pass. Four days is usually enough to see the four major Disney theme parks, but that's when per-day prices sharply decline. Plus, staying longer means you're unlikely to ignore Central Florida's other worthy attractions, including Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and the Kennedy Space

---Find some online coupon can save $5-10

--- Get a Fastpass for Toy Story Midway Mania as soon as you arrive at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The attraction is very popular and can run out of Fastpasses by 12pm.

---Not always online for saving call Walt Disney World Travel or your travel agent

If you call Walt Disney World Travel or your travel agent, you can find your tickets can be upgrades to include the park hopper & more by just saying that you are staying in WDW.

2. Saving money in Foods

----Pack you own lunch

You can pack own lunch in the morning and place it in collapsible cooler along with enough frozen water bottles for your family. Then you can take the cooler with you to a WDW park and place it into a locker at the beginning of the day.

---Crossroads at Lake Buena Vista for food

Food at the parks can be expensive, but there is a solution. Check out Crossroads at Lake Buena Vista (just across I-4 at Disney Downtown.) There are several options including a Taco Bell that won't tax your wallet.

----Make reservations for breakfast

When going to Animal Kingdom, make sure you make reservations for breakfast that are before the park opens. That way you get into the park way early and get first in line onto awesome rides.

--- Drink refills are free

Unlike other counter service locations, drink refills are free at the Backlot Express Restaurant at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

---- Snacks & other treats

Bring you own snacks and treats for kids.

---- Entree without the sides

Save money at counter service restaurants throughout the parks by requesting the entree without the sides. By ordering a sandwich without the fries, you can often save over $2!

---- Meals is costly (saving of more than $25)

You can save about $25 everyday by cooking our own meal. Here is example of how costly the food is. A huge turkey legs sold around the grounds for $8. Another trick you can save money is making two $3.75 burgers out of a double cheeseburger at the counter restaurants by buying an extra bun for 80 cents. Making your own food is healthy and cheap.

---Disney Dining Plan save some more bucks ($30)

You can try this option, in this we get gets you two full meals and two snacks a day for $30 and $9 for kids. This is good for big eaters who never skip a meal. You prepay all your meals with a Disney Dining Plan; you'll be less likely to strike out into Orlando to try anything else.

---best grocery store to shop is PUBLIX's

The best grocery store to shop at is PUBLIX's -- much better prices than Gooding's. Take a right out of the main gate and go about two miles and look for the green PUBLIX sign.

3.Saving money in lodging

---- Avoid Disney Names Hotels for staying (saving $200).

You always pay for name for anything you buy or use. Here is a similar idea. Disney-run hotel-the ones with Disney before their name-are more expensive, but they come with extra perks. Only benefit with them is you get access to park before and after general public. You can save about more than a $200 by booking the hotel Disney's property line. So if you want save some money books hotels in outer skirts of Disney's park.

---- Rent a nearby Non-Disney house (Three-bedroom rentals cost as little as $140)

Another way to save money is by renting least expensive Disney rooms in near by area. These rooms have a four-person limit, so families of five or more must pay double to rent two. But a few miles away, the whole family can have the run of one of hundreds of dedicated vacation McMansions complete with pools, grills, and big-screen TVs. Three-bedroom rentals cost as little as $140 a night through companies such as All-Star Vacation Homes and IPG Florida Vacation Homes.

----Visit in Low season (Late Aug to Sept and Jan Rooms saving $70)

Try to visit in January and a save good money. There are 8,640 rooms in the lowest-priced category of hotel rooms on Disney property, called Value, start at $82 a night in low season. Prices soar as high as $150 for a concrete-block room when the kids are out of school. Only problem with them is that they are worst-situated on Disney World resort property, their buses are among the most crowded.

--- Lake Buena Vista Comfort Inn for only $35.00

With AAA discount you can stay at the Lake Buena Vista Comfort Inn for only $35.00 per night. They have refrigerators, microwaves and coffee pots in every room. Rooms are very nice.

--- Entertainment coupon book

If you have an Entertainment coupon book, the Disney Swan and Dolphin hotels in the park offer a 50% savings.

---Save Money on room overlooking the pool in Animal Kingdom Lodge

You can save about $200 in this lodge for 3 nights by booking room overlooking the pool Savannah room, overlooking the animals.

4. Saving Money on entertainment dollars

Avoid Disney Dress-up

----Disney Dress-up is very costly option (saving $50)

You can bring your own dresses and save about $50. As in Disney's kiddie salons, (the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, the Pirates League) charge upward of $50 to make over your daughter or son as a princess or a mini Jack Sparrow.

----Light/glow in the dark sticks, bracelets & necklaces (Saving $10)

When it gets dark my kids always want the light/glow in the dark sticks, bracelets & necklaces. This can get very expensive with three kids. Before your vacation you can pick these items up at Dollar Tree for $1.00 each & bring them with me instead of purchasing in the park.

---Souvenirs in the parks

Don't buy any souvenirs in the parks. Disney sends all their off-season merchandise to several stores in the area, among them "Character Warehouse" located in Mall 2 of the Belz Factory Outlets at the end of International Drive in Orlando. Another one is "Character Premier" in the Premium Outlets in Orlando. Both of these stores sell ONLY official Disney merchandise. You can get t-shirts for $l-l0.00, postcards (.10), sweatshirts ($l0.00) and stuff for very less price.

5. Saving Money on transportation

---- Leave Car At Home (Use free free Disney Transportation System)

Leave Car At Home use buses

----If you want to leave the car at home, you can rely on the buses of the free Disney Transportation System (DTS), and if you're staying at a Disney-run hotel, the resort's Magical Express coaches will shuttle you to and from Orlando International Airport for free. Only problem with buses is they are slow and crowded.

---Cheap Parking

To avoid paying for parking at Disney, try taking the Disney resort buses. Park at Downtown Disney (in the lot in front of Planet Hollywood) and just hop a Disney bus to any resort then get a connecting bus/monorail into the park of our choice. You will not pay a penny for parking and got from Planet Hollywood to the park in less than 20 minutes.

--- Rent a van during our trip

You can rent a van during your trip. You didn't need it to get to the Disney parks, but this is economical way to get back and forth to the airport, and to get to the beach and a few other places also. You can find some good car rental deals on the internet, but snatch them up fast if you see them, because they are usually limited quantities or times.

---Cheap gas

Hess gas stations on Disney property have cheapest gas prices.

•Note: all savings are approximates all depends upon what deals you get on what season you visit.