Selling your old items on eBay or buying wholesale or bulk for the purpose of an eBay store can turn a simple internet auction into a full time business. EBay’s massive user based from all over the world has allowed an every day person to sell products to millions without first having to establish a huge business plan or finding clients in real life.

You could have the potential to make hundreds, thousands or possibly millions as long as you take the right approach. In this article we are going to go over some essential tips for selling on eBay.

1. Feedback

Having a high feedback will help potential clients choose to buy from you. EBay’s feedback system allows buyers and sellers to rate their experience in any given transaction by using star ratings up to five. Sadly every ebayer has to start from somewhere and this is with a feedback rating of 0. A good way to get a few extra good reviews behind your back is to first use your eBay account to purchase goods from other people. Often buyers as well as sellers leave a good review if payment is received promptly as a way of saying thanks for using their service.

Even if at some point you receive negative feedback from a seller even if you think the transaction went to plan, be sure to leave a polite and well thought response to the comment. There are buyers out there who buy of competitors purely to leave bad feedback.

2. Be professional – Communicate

Much like you would expect to be kept up to date if a package was going to take 10 days to be delivered, keep your customers informed on how the order is progressing. Something simple such as letting the customer know their package has been dispatched can keep any buyer happy in the time it takes between the day the order is placed and the product reaches their home.

Sometimes potential clients will contact you with questions prior to a purchase; try to answer these as soon and as informatively as possible. All of this will show that you are a professional seller and help create a good reputation on the eBay market.

3. Be Organized

If you are unorganized your business could fail with no one else to blame other than yourself. For example you should have a very clear idea of the products you are selling and how you are going to promote them. Know how much money you will be making and make sure the tax man is paid accordingly. You are more than likely going to have hundreds of products lying around your home so make sure they are stored appropriately and are away from potential damage.

Keep yourself organized and in shape and your eBay business will run smooth and allow you to pick out orders and have them shipped in a timely manner. This helps you stay stress-free and maintain happy customers when they receive their undamaged product on time.

4. Extra tips

If you really want to make money on eBay it is recommended you research and have a good idea on what products are going to be hot in the upcoming months. If you are one of the first sellers to get a product on the market, or the first to receive excellent feedback you are sure to make a few extra dollars than the sellers which take up that product at a later date.

You can beat all of the competition if you are first in the market and as long as you do the appropriate research and know what is needed it is definitely possible.

Try to get high quality photographs of all the products you sell. They don’t have to be exactly studio quality, however setting up your own little studio with a white background and quality camera will work well. Buyers like to see a physical representative of the product they are going to buy and receive. Having a good photograph could be the thing that makes a sale, or turns the client away.