Most of us who enjoy music and play guitar, drums, bass or possibly sing, probably have thought about starting a band. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to keep a band going strong and not to mention, make any kind of money from it. Most will want to make a career out of it, but with today's technology and digital downloads, it's really tough to make any money from it – whatsoever. It is still possible to play music and make a living from it, but it is not as easy as most will think. In this article, I'm going to show you some tips for starting your first rock band, and what it will take to become successful.

I have played in many bands taking the role as guitarist – both rhythm and lead – drummer, bassists, and have handled my share of vocal duties. I have had my share of playing shows and having a ton of fun doing so. The problem that I was seeing was other members of the bands I was in lacking the dedication it takes to become successful in this industry. No matter how many members the band would tryout, someone would always start to slack and the process would start all over. Eventually I came across some serious musicians in my hometown that were dedicated enough to show up for practice on a weekly basis and write some material.

My point is, You're going to have to work hard and although you will go through member after member, you just have to stick with it and soon enough you will find the right people to jam with. It's one of those things that when it happens, you will know that it was suppose to.

 Band meetings are also vital to your bands success and will help to make sure everyone can agree and stay on the same page. Disagreements do happens and they will frequently happen as long as there is a room full of people jamming together on a regular basis. This is just something that happens when there is a room full of people living and jamming together all the time. Having meetings will allow you to talk things over with each other and settle any disagreements. This is also a great time to set goals that are attainable so that the band can progress and become more than just a local gig.

Lastly, playing live shows during the week, weekend, or whenever possible is a must. If you do not play any shows, you will never leave your hometown and even worse, you will not find the kind of success you may be dreaming of. The ability to play live for an audience will allow you to bring your sound and brand to a whole new level. More importantly, you will become well-known and eventually get to play the bigger bills which will have bigger bands.

 Get out there and work, work, work..Because you will never find any success in the garage!