What Steps Do I Take First?

An Outline

Prior to deciding to file your 2011 income tax return, you will need to fully grasp your tax brackets 2011 together with your overall tax condition. It is common for many people to create a recap of their tax year to be sure they don't ignore any specific write offs they are qualified to apply for. We feel this may be a smart idea. Let us start creating a tax year 2011 recap.

Number one, we must figure out your filing status. This appears to be relatively easy, though it can be complex. The IRS determines your filing status on December 31, 2011. What this means is regardless of what transpired all year long, it only matters what your circumstance was on the very last day of the year. If you're married January - November and were legally separated in December, the government would deem your filing status as single because you were single on the last day of the year. The Internal Revenue Service also views marriage in a similar fashion. If you are single throughout the year and are wedded on December 31, 2011, you're judged to have been married all year long. Research your 2011 situations and choose the proper filing status.

In the second step, you'll want to go over the whole set of activities that you had undertaken throughout 2011. More often than not you will end up with appropriate documents in the mail for your salary. If you happen to work a standard job, you should obtain a W-2. Those that own your own business enterprise and work for other people, you may receive 1099s. In addition, you might be given records for other kinds of revenue like interest/dividend income or distributions from retirement and pension accounts. In this case, it is likely you will get 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, or 1099-Rs to assist report your revenue. Collect all of your revenue documents and make certain that all of your 2011 income is accounted for.

Next, it is best to assess your dependents. Dependents aren't only your children. They might also be other kin or non-relatives that you financed during the 2011 tax year. You should study the rules for claiming dependency exemptions to find out if the people which you supported for 2011 meet the criteria.

Fourth, have a list of all the itemized deductions which you believe you'll probably be entitled to. The following is an article about itemized deductions. You might be able to lessen your tax brackets 2011 by claiming additional deductions if you happen to qualified for them.

Then, take a look at 2011 tax return. It's important to always go back through your return immediately after it's done to see if you have missed anything or made a miscalculation. It is better that you find your math mistakein comparison to the IRS. 

Finally, send in your tax return. There's two methods to file your 2011 income tax return. You can easily send it by mail or via the IRS website. Whatever filing approach that you decide on, you've got to have your tax return submitted or mailed by April 17, 2011. Remember to send in your taxes by the due date. It will not matter what deductions you might be taking or which one of the tax brackets 2011 you're in should you not file your return when they're due.

Just remember to continually be truthful when you are filing your 2011 tax return. It is our obligation as American citizens to pay our taxes. Don't attempt to defraud the government. The Government is superb at locating tax frauds. Stay knowledgeable and stay honest. You'll have nothing to concern yourself with.