The first date is approaching and you are looking forward to it with a mixture of nerves and excitement. You’ve been talking through an online dating site for what feels like ages and the messages have been thick and fast. Suddenly you wonder what you will have to talk about on your date. Will there be awkward silences and will you find plenty in common? What should you wear and what if there’s no chemistry? Don’t panic, we have plenty of tips to get you through the first date.

Don't go for dinner

If you go for dinner there is the potential that you could be stuck wishing you could make your excuses and get away. Instead, do something that takes the pressure of a bit. Perhaps you can go for a drink first or try an activity like bowling. A game of bowling won’t take long and if you need to make your excuses then you will be able to switch back your shoes and make your excuses.  

Don't be on your phone constantly

How many times have you been sat watching couples together both on their mobile phone? This is a sure-fire date killer. If one of you is on the phone the whole time it indicates that you’re really not that into it and you don’t want to be there. What’s so important that it can’t wait? If you are waiting for a call perhaps you can agree to leave it on vibrate so that you can feel the call coming in.  

Watch your body language

This can speak volumes even if you can’t find your tongue. Don’t fold your arms and try to smile so that it at least looks like you are having a good time. Body language is a very powerful method of communication and even eye contact can have its own way of saying things that you might not be able to verbally convey. According to Alex Reddle “Eyes can tell more than one truth”.

Dress to impress

This is a tricky one. There is so much to consider when it comes to dressing for your first date. From accessories to how you wear your hair and which shoes to wear, you will need to give it some thought. You don’t want to turn up dressed like a movie star on the red carpet however you do need to create the right impression. Choose something that suits the occasion. If you are going to dinner then something smart casual is a good choice. For the men, a shirt and jeans with a jacket is a good choice. For the ladies, a nice little dress, or trousers and a nice top. No ball gowns and tuxedos!  


Listening is a good skill to possess. Many of us like to talk about ourselves but there needs to be a limit. If you spend the whole night talking about your job, your parents, your friends, your car, your hobbies and don’t let the other person get a word in edgeways then you won’t learn anything about them. It is very likely that they won’t be very impressed with not being allowed to speak about themselves either. You may then be surprised that there is no second date!

Don't eat the garlic!

Tempting as it is if you spend the evening eating your favorite foods that happen to contain a lot of garlic then that first kiss might not leave the reminder that you had in mind. Coffee, beer, wine, and cigarettes can also lead to less than desirable breath. One suggestion is to eat some mint. Mint, in its raw form, can hide a multitude of smells. If you can’t get your hands on fresh mint make sure you have some breath mints or chewing gum.

Offer to pay

Whether you are the man or the woman it is a good idea to offer to pay. While traditions mean that it is customary for the man to pay, times have changed. The woman may be offended if she’s not allowed to pay. The man may be offended too if he is expected to pay. Both offer to pay and if you can’t agree maybe you can split the bill.  


If all goes well and you enjoy your first date so much that you want to arrange the next one make sure you do it soon. Follow up your date with a message or a phone call and make sure you book something else in to look forward to.