Air Travel Tips

It is marvellous that these days that it is so easy to get flights to new and exciting places, where there are strange and exotic customs. Cities filled with strange people, wearing different kinds of clothes, and speaking weird languages. If you are a member of the armed forces you even get to shoot them. Unlike the soldier types though you don't get such a good baggage allowance with the cheap air line companies.

Cutting Carbon Emissions

RyanairJetWith the cut price flights, you get with the likes of the Irish owned, Ryanair you only get 10 Kg baggage allowance. You are encouraged by the pricing structure to travel with only carry on baggage. It is kind of eco friendly when you think about it, less fuel used when the aeroplane has to carry less.

It Is All About The Money

You can have a suitcase placed in the cargo hold of the airplane but it will cost more. The carry on flight bag has to be within certain dimensions and sometimes they do check the size, by making you fit the bag inside a frame by the boarding gate. If it doesn't go in the frame, then they make you pay more to travel.

We are lucky, I suppose that these bargain airfares are not governed by the weight of the person. There would be a lot of complaints from the fatties and the big boned individuals if that was the case. Perhaps it is only a matter to time before that happens.

But I Need My toys!

So what can we do to get around the restrictions regarding the carry on luggage? One idea is to just carry less, ladies will have to leave one pair of shoes behind, and the guys will not take one of their toys (Sorry, I mean essential gadgets). Another possibility will be to wear more of your clothes, instead of putting them in the small perfectly sized, carry on suitcase, you put them on your body. Wearing two jumpers is OK, unless you are going to or coming from a place where the weather is very hot.

The next solution we have, and this is my favourite, is to have a big coat with large pockets. Underpants in one pocket, socks in another and a couple of Tee shirts tucked away elsewhere. Of course this technique would be perfect for the gadget person too. Camera equipment, lenses, chargers and so on, plus the computer or iPad in another pocket. You might have to get specially made pockets or be happy with the MacBookAir or a tablet computer.

The Scotty Vest

There is a company that specialises in apparel with lots of big pockets, they make the so called Scotty Vest. To be honest it is amazing what you can fit in one of those. You might want to do exercises, to bring up your fitness level in order to be able to make full use of the Scotty Vest, as if could be quite heavy when loaded up. They make the Scotty Vests suitable for men and for women, and they are a high tech version of the fisherman's waistcoat. Hiding places everywhere.

The Duty Free Bag Trick

When the airline says only one bag for carry on, they really do mean one single bag, mind you, that does not include the duty free plastic bag of booze and perfume. They even say that a handbag has to be put inside the regulation travel bag or suitcase. So what you could do, is to buy something small in the duty free shop and put something out out your luggage into that plastic bag. It is good to be sneaky!

The SLR camera can be quite bulky too, but they have a strap so that you could hang one of those around your neck. Good luck with your next flight, hopefully these tips will help you, when you have used low cost air fares.