The luxury bedding market can be confusing as there are many options to chose from. Understanding what it is that you are looking for before you go out shopping will help you to buy the best luxury bedding set for your personal needs and desires. There a a few different types of materials to consider.

Egyptian cotton is the highest quality cotton. It is grown on the banks of the river Nile. If aiming for the purest Egyptian cotton luxury bed linen, make sure the label reads 100 percent Egyptian cotton as some companies will blend lower quality cottons in with it. Egyptian, Pima and Supima are smooth, glossy and supple. They have greater durability with a soft hand and are made from long stapled fibers and high quality yarns.

Woven over and under in a basket weave pattern percale sheets or broadcloth have a crisp and cool feel. This type of weave is very durable as a result. You can count on luxury bedding sets made of this fabric to last a long time.

For a silky and smooth luxury bed linens, try Pima cotton. This cotton is grown in the United States and South America. Pima cotton is named after the Native American Pima Indian.

Woven from combed cotton yarn the Sateen weave has a silky feel and a luxurious sheen. More yarns are brought to the surface giving it the luster it is known for and the softness it has. Knowing the quality of the cotton will give you an idea of how well made the bedding is.

Look for at least 200 thread count in your luxury bedding. The more stitches per inch the softer it will feel and the more durable it will be after repeated washings. Look for deep pockets and ask if the sheets are over sized to allow for shrinkage. Move the fabric between your thumb and forefinger to check for movement and unevenness. Check for discoloration and construction as well.

To find the right fabric ask yourself what kind of sleeper you are. For the person who is warmer at night a 100 percent cotton sheet is best. If you are cold then flannel or cotton knit is for you. If you like the feel of a crisp and cool sheet then cotton percale is the one. Soft and cozy says cotton sateen.

Think about how much you want to spend, you don't have to spend a lot but you can easily do so with luxury bedding. Choose yarn dyed bedding which means the yarn has been dyed before it was woven. You can select monogrammed sheets for that personal touch. Luxury bedding can last for over 20 years if properly cared for. Rotate your sheets with each washing and avoid hot temperatures, bleach and over-drying.