Wearing brightly colored lipstick is all the rage for spring. Wearing it can be awkward at first, but by following a few simple tips you can feel so much more confident with your bright and vibrant lips.

Don't Wipe It Off Immediately

When you see yourself wearing bright lipstick for the first time you're probably going to feel uncomfortable. Don't wipe off your lipstick immediately. It's going to take some getting used to but you look better than you feel. Once you get used to having a foreign color on your lips, you're going to feel so much more comfortable with brightly colored lips. Soon enough someone is going to compliment you on your lips and it will shoot your confidence level through the  roof.


Use a scrub on your lips before putting on the lipstick. I provided a few different  homemade lip scrubs down below for you to use. You can also put on a thick layer of Vaseline or chap-stick on for about 5-10 minutes. After your lips have absorbed most of the moisture, blot of the excess that decided to stick around. It's very important to make sure that you are well prepared to put on brightly colored lipstick since you won't be able to apply chap-stick or even lick your lips once you put on the lipstick. To avoid the discomfort, its just better to prep yourself properly. Another way to help keep yourself smooth is to drink plenty of water. While chap-stick and scrubs are a quick fix, water is a permanent fix that will leave your skin flawless for makeup application.


1.Use Vaseline and sugar to make a paste. There is no set ratio to apply to the mixture, it is all up to your personal opinion. If you prefer a more smooth scrub then use more Vaseline. However, if you prefer that it be more like a scrub to help remove all of the dead skin, then use more sugar. You can also mix in some of your favorite flavored chap-stick to add some flavor to the mixture. This will help make smooth lips that are easy to apply lipstick on.

2.Use honey and water to make a paste and then add sugar into the  mixture.  It will help to remove all the dead skin from your lips and honey is good for your skin. So besides just making your lips smooth, it will also help to moisturize them. It will also help to heal any cracks and dry spots that you may just have. This is not just a quick fix, using it every couple of days could help you to heal broken and dry lips.

3. Use one tablespoon of each honey, olive oil, and sugar. Stir this all together.  Again, the sugar will help to remove any dead skin and the olive oil and honey is good for lips. It helps to smooth them out and keep them moist.

Directions- Apply  smooth and even layer across your mouth and rub into your skin. Allow it  to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before using a warm wet rag to wash it off.


Use Lip Liner and Concealer

Help to distinguish between lip and skin by creating two barriers using lip liner and concealer. Use lip liner to create an outline of  your lips. Use this as a guide for when you are putting on lipstick to help fill in the color. You can also create a second barrier by using concealer on the  outside of the lip liner. This will help to create a  more clear line between what is lip and what is skin. It is important to create these barriers around your mouth so that the color doesn't bleed into your foundation or onto your skin. The barrier helps to protect both your skin and your mouth since when the color in on your skin, it isn't on your mouth.

Balance the Makeup

Because the color on your lip is so dramatic, you should tone down the rest of your makeup so that it is more neutral and natural. Go for a lighter eye using mainly browns and avoid any really dramatic eye color. Don't make your face makeup too dramatic, though you may want to contour your cheeks and eyebrows. Point is, looking natural on the rest of your face may be more beneficial so that you don't look like you have too much going on.


Start by applying the lipstick and then blot. Apply a layer of powder on top of your lips and then apply a second layer of lipstick. This will allow for the lipstick to stay on and stay vibrant as long as possible.

Keep the Color With Use

Keep the lipstick and lip liner with you throughout the day so that you are able to do touch ups. As much as you want to try and keep it vibrant, sometimes you need a little extra touch up.