How To Get Your Business Moving Forward When It Is Stuck

Many people often get stuck in their business and are looking for something different to help move their business forward. Here are a few tips to help you get your business moving forward again.

1. If you are not having fun, you are doing something wrong

I do not think I really need to explain this. It should be obvious. Should be. I talk to business owner all of the time and one thing I find is that they really do not like their business. There are many reasons this could be, some of the reasons are listed below. Think about the fun that you had starting the business. Think about the fun it was when you opened your door the first day for business. Think about the fun you had when you had your first customer. That was fun! It was exciting! It made you motivated to do things better. One of the reasons why Google has such a high success rate of employment, is because they make their business fun. Google is one of the top business Millennial want to be a part of today completely because of the environment. Think about how you can make your business environment fun. If you are not having fun, think about changing things up!

2. If you are looking to sell your business, make sure you build something that you like, not something that you love

People often look at me and think I am completely ridiculous for suggesting this. But let me explain. If you build a business that you are looking to sell, that you love, it will be much more difficult or even impossible for you to sell it. If you build a business you like, severing the ties to the business is much easier. The point being is that if you love something you are more attached to it. It is like cutting off a child from the family. You do not want to do it, and you most likely will not do it! If you are building a business for the purpose of selling it, do not love it.

3. Your businesses fastest growth rate will come from your internet presence

The world has changed if you have not noticed. Your business is absolutely dependent in this day and age on your web presence. The statistics of people looking at websites before making a decision is outstanding. According to, 89% of all people look to the internet to research the product or products before they buy. In some markets that I deal with, I see this number as high as 98%. With all that being said, your website and internet presence in today's day and age is your bread and butter. I would highly recommend to make sure you throw a great value in your website. It will be worth it to develop a great looking website with great Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I promise this will be one of the best, if not the best, investment you will make for your business. Look at what your competition is doing and make yours great, more user friendly, and a cleaner look than the competition.

4. Find a business mentor

Every successful business owner has a business mentor.  I feel like this might be one of the best things a business owner can do. Find other people who you admire in the business world. Befriend them and seek their advice, wisdom, and instruction for your business. There are things they will tell you that you will not like. Do it anyway, unless it goes against the moral values of your company! They are the successful business owners. They are the ones you admire. They know what they are talking about.

5. Take care of your health

Schedule that physical exam you’ve been putting off and make sure you get exercise and take care of any personal issues that are troubling you. Make sure you are eating right. Avoid fast food as much as you possibly can. Avoid energy drinks at all costs. There are healthy alternatives to all of these types of things. Take time to research what preventative health supplements you should take.

6. Be committed to excellence

There will always be bumps in the road. It is a part of life and it is a part of business. The true test is how you and your company deal with them. If you are not committed to excellence, your competition is, and the will pass you up. You always have to be one step ahead of them. Do not cut those corners.

7. Be a visionary

Picture what you would like your business to be like.You did not start your business because you did not have a vision for what your business would be like. Remember how excited you were when you began your business? This passion has to be rekindled over and over. This is accomplished by casting vision for what you want the business to look like. As you can see in the next step, your vision does not happen by accident.

8. Set hand written goals

I cannot emphasize this enough. If you do not have goals, you are bound for failure. It is proven that those who write their goals have a much better opportunity to achieve those goals. If you are just moving through your business one day at a time, your rate of success is vastly dropping. Write goals down that are relevant on weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. These goals are focused on revenue, customer retention, and gaining new customers.

9. Realize that failures are merely steps in our progress

For example, Thomas Edison made over 10,000 light bulbs before he made one that actually worked. Failures are only failures if you do not learn from them. Once you fail, look back and ask yourself what you can learn from them. Write down those lessons on paper. Move forward by setting up defenses from those same failures from happening again.

10. Find a target market that is willing to pay for premium prices

The luxury market is booming and every business should find a product to serve them. People never like to be sold, but they do love to buy! Give them something that they will love to buy. If you can get a high end market product, focusing on the luxury market it will increase your business significantly.