Research the Company

When you are going into an interview then you have tohave an understanding of the company you are applying for. You will have to take a look at their website and research the company history on Wikipedia. Read Google News and look for current articles about the company. It is vital that know about the company you will be interviewing with. Even if you're just looking for a job as a fry cook with Burger King it can often help you out drastically to get the job. A knowledgeable job applicant will often lead to knowledgeable employees and employers know this.

Dress Appropriately


You need to dress appropriately for this position you are interviewing for. You will probably need to try and wear a suit and/or a tie but you may also be able to wear jeans, boots, and a flannel shirt tucked in. It all depends on the position you are sending an application for. If you are interviewing to become a welder with a company that makes farm machinery then you definitely will not need to wear a suit to this interview. In fact wearing a suit and tie in this situation might definitely hurt your odds of getting hired. On the other hand if you're applying to be CEO of Yahoo and show up to the Interview wearing jeans and a flannel or oxford shirt you will probably not even get into the interview.

Practice Practice Practice

If you are getting ready for an interview the best thing you can do is to practice for the interview. Have someone ask you questions as they act like they are the employer. The more you practice and prep for the interview then the more relaxed you will be for the actual interview. The more relaxed and confident you are at the interview then you stand a much better chance of getting hired. Confidence and knowledge are breeding grounds for fresh ideas and that is what employer’s desire.