Advice on Lake George, NY Lodging and Accommodations

An Insider's Suggestions for Deciding Where to Stay in Lake George, NY

If you do a search on “Lake George NY Hotels” you’ll find there are literally hundreds of results.  If you stop in Lake George Village for tourist info, you’ll find there are tons of brochures that advertise accommodations.  I counted over 140 hotels / motels / places to stay on the website of Lake George, NY Chamber of Commerce alone.  How can a traveler narrow down the choices?  How do you know which hotels are good?  And with all the headlines about bed bugs, which ones are clean?  From someone who has been visiting Lake George for over 20 years, and has stayed in many hotels and motels in and around Lake George (and now lives here), I offer some tips for narrowing down the choices:

  • Decide what is the most important attraction you want to enjoy while you are in Lake George and choose a hotel / motel that is convenient to that.  For example, if swimming in the lake is what you want to do most, your best bet it to choose accommodations that are right on Lake George and offer a private beach for guests.  There *are* public beaches available, but you’ll have to pay for parking AND trek all your beach stuff to and from your hotel.  If for example, the Great Escape Amusement Park is what you really want to see, it’s 5-10 minutes outside of Lake George Village and you might want to consider for convenience, the hotel right across the street from it.  Especially in the summer, there is a lot of traffic and parking spaces are scarce in Lake George – your best bet is to stay close by your attraction of choice to minimize travel time and parking fees.
  • Decide your budget.  There are some really affordable places to stay and some very expensive and luxurious places to stay (for example the incredibly beautiful and historic Sagamore Resort).  Choosing a price range will help you quickly narrow down the choices.  If you’re really trying to save some money, there are a number of nice motels / hotels that are just outside Lake George Village, but of course you are sacrificing location for price and keep in mind, you’ll have to pay for parking every time you drive into the Village.  If money is no object, look for accommodations with “resort” in the name.
  • Check the reviews.  Choose a few hotels that meet your criteria and then use a site like to read reviews from travelers like you who have stayed at these accommodations.  These reviews are usually very honest and very helpful.  Another great place to get recommendations is Facebook!  Lake George NY has it’s own Facebook page, and if there is a particular hotel or motel you are interested in, you can post on the wall asking for opinions.  Not only might you get advice from other tourists who have visited Lake George, BUT sometimes locals who have worked at these places will chime in and comment about the cleanliness or management.

There’s nothing that will put a damper on a fun vacation faster than being unhappy with your accommodations.  Hopefully these tips will help you find a great place to stay and have a wonderful vacation in Lake George, NY!

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