Things I wished people told me before turning 18

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     No this isn't article complaining how becoming 18 or an “adult” isn't all that's cracked up to be...well in a way it kind of is BUT I write this article with the intent of giving adolescents a few words of helpful advice I wish I was given.
The work situation.
     Let's face it with the current economy finding a job as a minor and without a high school diploma is a pain. Unless you’re a lucky individual that can get family to help you land a job. But what if your family doesn't want you to work just yet? Or couldn't care if you did or not? Well then you're stuck with a choice either follow the advice I'm sure a good number of you have heard before which is to “Enjoy life and not work since you have your whole life to work.” Well here's the fine print to that fine piece of advice, unless you want to have the burden of your family financing your high school years (Which to some maybe no problem.) then you may want to at least try for a job. Also think if you'd like to move out once you hit adulthood sine I’m sure not many families would finance living expenses as well, especially since you're legally responsible for your self now. So if anything above puts a burden on your mind my best piece of advice is the same as stated before at least try for a job, it can't hurt. If the family is against it remind them you'll be the one working and it's less financial stress on them. What ever the case do what you like, just keep school as your top priority and keep your future and the present in mind. Such as would you like a little extra cash without asking the family, would you like to move out as soon as possible without much support and don't forget college and driving isn't cheap, neither are parties if that's what motivates you. You know those small get together board game parties *wink* since they do get expensive and a little extra cash to help have fun and party with friends wouldn't be so bad.
College College College
     One thing I wish every adolescent at least put serious thought into. Whether it's community, trade/vocational or a university even if you think you can't afford it or not, TRY. There is so many ways to pay for it nowadays: grants, loans, work-study ,scholarships etc. There is hardly an excuse to not try for a secondary education. I mean I've never been employed my single mother has never been employed, but yet I found a way to afford my first year of college. All you really need to do is start thinking about college and paying for it as soon as possible. It can never be too early to apply for scholarships, take your act/sats, apply for fafsa, apply to schools as soon as it's available to you, put a little effort and when everyone is scrambling and stressed senior year you can relax and know that everything is finalized and taken care of before anyone else, just think ahead.
 image3(55378)Credit: jscreationzsThe future
     As for thinking ahead like I stated above, one more thing you can't do to early is think of your future. Whether it's with a certain high school sweetheart or not think how you would like your life being years from now and how to do it. Think of a career, look up salaries, and housing prices in different states or countries. Just don't pick a career off a salary. Pick what you would love to do for a living and find the path to lead you there. Yes things will change and get in the way but having an idea wouldn't hurt plus if you are serious with that high school sweetheart plan with them, just make sure you're included in their plans to since we don't want things to get a little creepy or awkward.  
     I am hoping that if you're an adolescent and reading this that you are at least still in school. Since truly that is your number one priority. No matter how much you may hate to come to that conclusion  it is. If you're planning on a secondary education or not finish high school and make life easier on your self. 4 hard years is better than a life time struggle. Make it so 10 years from now you can look back and be proud that you finished something. If high school is a breeze for you and you have extra time join clubs or sports. Since they always look good on college and even some job applications. Because it's true people like to know you don't just waste time, when you could be doing something productive.
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In conclusion my point and best piece of advice is to think ahead and not only think but do. Use your brain you'll eventually be glad you did. Try things for your own good. Meet people, yeah other people are scary weird and even awkward but who knows that next person you message on Facebook or talk to at the bus stop could be the future love of your life...or a relentless jerk you now know to avoid.