It’s hard to find a woman who doesn’t love jewelry, even those who don’t wear much tend to be picky as opposed to adverse when it comes to jewelry.  For men this can be a headache, as they will find hints from their significant other that jewelry is the desired gift for the upcoming occasion, but no specifics as to which piece she wants.  This has led many men to avoid purchasing jewelry entirely, aside from an engagement ring, but this is a risky move as it often makes the man look cheap and uncommitted.  Here are some tips on buying jewelry she’ll love.


Ideal world, she mentions loving a piece of jewelry and the man remembers months later during their anniversary.  The problem is, the closer it gets to the day, the fewer hints she will drop.  She has already had his present for weeks, so she likes to think that he has hers too.  This means it is crucial to listen early and often, pay attention to what she says about other women’s jewelry or celebrities’, and ask follow up questions.  For those women who don’t seem to volunteer much information, bringing up a friend’s piece of jewelry is a great icebreaker.  Such a tactic only works when done well in advance, waiting until the last minute makes these kind of efforts very transparent.

Be A Ninja

Wait until she is gone one day, and go through her jewelry box.  Individuals should use a cell phone to snap pictures of all the pieces, so that they have a physical reminder once they go to the jewelry store.  For those who don’t live with their significant other, a roommate could be enlisted to let him in when she is out.  While there he can also pick the roommate’s brain about his significant other’s tastes. 

Complete The Set

Study the pictures, learn what is being looked at.  It is wise for men to also ask for help on this from a jeweler.  Her entire collection could be Tacori jewelry, but without help, he might never uncover that valuable clue.  If she has gold bracelets, get her a gold necklace; perhaps one with a gold nugget instead of a traditional stone.  If she likes wearing her grandmother’s mother of pearl ring, pick out some beautiful pearl earrings to balance the set.  The goal is to get her not only something she’ll love, but something she’ll wear.  Picking out a piece of jewelry that matches things she already wears is a great way to ensure use.

Get The Right Size

Not just for rings, the size of necklaces and bracelets makes a difference, too.  The best trick is for men to snag a necklace, ring, or bracelet that they have never seen her wear when they are photographing her jewelry.  This guarantees proper sizing, and helps keep the gift a surprise.

Set Your Own Expectations For The Jewelry

Buying a woman something she will wear is easy, buying her something she will wear frequently or daily is difficult.  Men should pay attention to their significant other’s jewelry habits as soon as they begin thinking about purchasing her a piece of jewelry.  If she is a woman who wears completely different sets of jewelry everyday that always match her outfits, then trying to find something that she will wear each day is unreasonable.  In this case, men will generally better off finding something to match an existing set.  If she already has a necklace she wears everyday, then there is a good chance she will wear the right piece of jewelry daily. Adding a bracelet or necklace to go with her existing daily jewelry should not be too difficult, if the proper thought goes into the selection.

If the man wishes to replace the necklace she wears everyday with the one he is giving her, then he must first make sure that the existing jewelry does not have any special significance to her.  One does not want to seem like they are trying to replace the memory of another loved one.