Are you on the hunt for the perfect airsoft gun? Have you any clue on what you are looking for? Choosing an airsoft gun is as difficult as choosing which pair of shoes to purchase (as far as women are concerned). Indeed, one cannot just buy a particular gun just because it was well advertised on television, or because it is the most expensive. You have to choose the gun that is right for you!

Before you go out window shopping for airsoft guns it is important to know something about airsoft and airsoft guns. How? One can read magazines about airsoft guns or the airsoft game in general. Such magazine contains the basics of airsoft as well as feature pages on airsoft gear, players, and most importantly guns. You may also look up airsoft gun information online. Gathering information is important because you will be made aware that there are in fact, many types of airsoft guns. These types are based on its capability defining its most ideal purpose, as well as user. These types of airsoft guns are as follows: AEGs or automatic electric guns, Gas powered guns, Gas Blow Backs and Spring-powered guns. The first type of gun, AEG, is the most popular amongst airsoft players because it can be semi or fully automatic, and lightweight too. Gas powered guns operate in the same principle as paintball guns, where a canister of pressurized as is attached to the gun to propel the BB (airsoft pellets) every time players fire their guns. The third type, the spring powered, is the least popular because it is not automatic. However, most airsoft pistols are spring powered and are also preferred as sidearm artillery by some player.

Most of the time, low-powered guns (usually spring-powered guns) are recommended for beginners for the following reasons:

  • As one increases his experience in airsoft games, he will have identified his needs when it comes to guns, and he can change guns anytime.

  • Spring-powered or low-powered guns are cheaper than AEGs and gas-powered.

  • Since it is low-powered, it is easier for beginners to use and control.

The above reasons are logical, yet, one is not only limited to buying such type of guns for the simple reason that he is a beginner. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned airsoft player, here are 5 aspects of purchasing that you need to consider as these will guide you on choosing an airsoft gun wisely. Cost, Maintenance, Features (capabilities), Functionality, FPS (feet per second), and gun material (metal or plastic), are the 6 characteristics that you need to consider when you go shopping for an airsoft gun. Why? These characteristics will not only guide on choosing the best gun, but most importantly make you a well-informed buyer; and it is no secret that well informed buyers always end up spending wisely.

A good airsoft gun is something that is cost effective, easy to clean and maintain (maintenance), consistent and reliable (functionality), is semi or fully automatic with hop-up technology (feature), Firing rate of 300-400 fps, and metal content in the gun's material should be high. If a particular gun possesses all these characteristics, then it is a good choice.