A lot of people are acquainted with prescription medications from a medical professional for prescription drugs, but not for mobility aids such as motorized wheelchairs or even crutches. The task of deciding on the best motorized wheelchair can be especially difficult, because the options available are as numerous as the types of people in the world and their various lifestyles.

Depending on what you do on a daily basis, you may need a chair with a pressure-relieving cushion, brake extensions, or other special options in order to make it effective. In the same way that medical alert devices provide security within the home, a motorized wheelchair is designed to enhance your freedom in and outside of your home; therefore, it's vital that you get the right wheel chair to for you.

As opposed to prescriptions for prescription drugs, which can be very precise, a physician's prescription for a wheelchair normally reads "a wheelchair". This is to a certain extent because most General Practitioners are not authorities in physical medicine and so they may not be actually qualified to make a recommendation regarding precisely what type of chair you'll require.

Whenever possible, it is a good strategy to go through the selection process with a trained physiotherapist or occupational therapist who knows what your day-to-day routine and lifestyle look like so that they can assist you in getting the wheelchair that appropriately satisfies the needs you have.

Dependant upon what your requirements are, you might need to have your doctor prepare a somewhat precise prescription for insurance requirements. If you'll be spending a substantial period of time in your wheelchair, or should you have specific needs in terms of posture or support, these choices may represent a considerable cost above a basic wheelchair – for most insurance providers to provide payment, they require that these kinds of alternatives be defined by a health practitioner, which means that you might need to have the prescription re-written by your doctor after an evaluation with a rehabilitation specialist.

Even though evaluations aren't yet required by all insurance companies, many rehabilitation personnel consider them an absolute requirement – individuals usually test-drive an automobile prior to buying it, and similarily, you ought to get to test-drive your motorized wheelchair and have a professional opinion to ensure that it's going to accomplish what you require it to.

Obtaining a professional evaluation before purchasing a motorized wheel chair is usually the best way to ensure that you get a chair that will support you in doing what you want to do on a regular basis so that you can live comfortably and do the things that you want and need to do, so even if your insurer doesn't require one – you should insist on it!