If you are new to storing away food using glass food containers, or maybe you don't even own one yet, then it can be difficult to know which foods and liquids that are best suited to be put away in a glass container. It can also be troublesome knowing where these foods and liquids are best stored. However, a lot of time and money can be saved if you make it a habit to put away leftovers and to preserve foods and liquids using glass containers such as jars, bottles and bowls, so it's not a bad idea to learn.

One of the best foods to store in glass jars is jam and marmalade. Not only are jars perfectly suited for jam and marmalade due to their size, but it can also be very visually appealing to have these type of foods in a transparent glass jar. Jars are also perfect for things such as ketchup and mustard.

If you like making your own juice or ice tea, storing away these liquids in glass bottles is most likely better than storing them in thermos or plastic containers. Not only does liquids that are put in plastic or aluminum containers not look as good as when compared to when their put in glass bottles, but the taste may also change slightly and it may not be as fresh.

Other example of great type of foods to store in glass containers is pasta sauces and stews. Storing away foods like these can make it incredibly easy for you to later take it out and heat it up. For example, if you store away pasta sauce, when you're later hungry you can just simply cook some new fresh pasta and have it with your heated pasta sauce. Certainly you can also store these type of foods in plastic boxes, but toxins might migrate from the plastic over to your food when you're heating it up in the microwave, if that's where you choose to heat it up.

If you've got some leftover salad or vegetables, then putting them in a glass bowl and later wrapping that with a bit of plastic wrap (cling film) is a great option.

Many glass containers (such as glass jars) have great lids with rubber along the edges that makes it very difficult for air to get in. This makes glass containers a great option if you want to store away something like dried fruits.

Having a lot of dried fruits in a transparent glass bowl or jar can also look very tasty.

When storing away food, it's important to remember that food doesn't stay safe, tasty and healthy for an eternity so labeling your containers with use last before or use by dates may be an option.

Also make sure to use your common sense, a lot of food can get bad really fast if they're left out in the open or if they're left outside of the freezer for too long.

If you're storing away food in the freezer, remember that some glass will crack when subjected to that amount of cold. Freezer bags is always a good option.