Now you may be wondering why I'm writing about scriptures in the Bible about finance... Well, it's because I'm keeping an open mind to the whole idea of Christianity and I was watching one of those early morning religious shows and one of the men on that show said that he started to study the Bible's "finance scriptures" to get his finances in order. I was inspired to do the same so I did a google search for "finance scriptures" and found a pretty good list of them in the search results. I then just looked up each of the scriptures and learned a lot. Whether you believe in Christianity or not, there is a lot of wisdom in the Bible about finances(among other things of course).


First of all, the Bible is against the love of money. According to the Bible, if you have too much love for money, you may end up causing more harm than good resorting to immoral things to get more money.


I'm still wondering though if the Bible is for or against getting rich. That question really bothers me. I personally have a desire to get rich but if the Bible says I shouldn't love money too much maybe I can still get rich without loving money too much. It's a tough one. Anyone has an opinion on this?


Second, I wanted to discuss the concept of tithing... now, the Lord has said that you should test him and see if tithing will really bring blessings into your life... He guarantees it. The only problem is I don't understand what he means by tithing in the bible. Is it giving 10% of your income to charity every time you get a pay check or is it giving money to church? Or what? Remember that this book has been written thousands of years ago so what we consider tithing today is probably not what tithing was originally. It would be interesting if anyone could clear that up for me. What is meant by tithing?


Third, there was a passage in the Bible about a rich man who was harvested a ton of stuff one year and he thought maybe he'll keep all the extra stuff in storage so he won't have to work as hard in the future... well, God then said that he was being foolish because he might die tonight and then who would enjoy the fruits of his labour? No one? It will just wither away in his stables... I thought that one was interesting and it stuck in my memory.


My favorite though is about tithing. I really have to ask someone in the know what is meant by tithing because apparently if you tithe, you will be given blessings and abundance by God. Like I said earlier, he's even asking you to test him on that one and he assures you that you'll have so much abundance, you won't know what to do with it. I intend on sharing 10% of all the money I earn now with people who need it. If nothing else, at least I'll be helping someone out, you know?


What else did I read again...? Let me see... There were a lot of great proverbs about finances featured on the site that I found and I highly recommend that if you're curious, you should look up finance scriptures in google like I did. You'll learn a lot!


Oh yeah, I remember another one now. One scripture basically said(I'm paraphrasing of course) that a wise man will prepare for adversity by having money set aside where a fool will just go on living without preparing for future potential problems and will suffer the consequences of his lack of preparedness...


Also, another scripture said that if you want to build a tower, you should really take the time to budget the whole building process to make sure you can afford to see your project to completion. Otherwise, you'll end up with a half built tower and people will ridicule you.


They're all coming back to me now!


Here's another great one: I'm sure you've heard this one before. There was a servant who was brought in to see his master about an outstanding debt he had. It was a pretty big debt and the master realized he wouldn't be able to pay it back. So, the master decided to sell this man, and his family and everything they own to get back the money of the outstanding debt... The servant got on his knees and begged for leniency... he basically promised to pay the debt back if he was given a second chance. So, the master felt pity for him and cancelled the debt. Here's the interesting part though, this same servant then left and bumped into another servant who owed him a little money and started to strangle him saying: "you will give me back what you owe me!". He then had this servant sent to jail until he could pay back his debt. The other servants were appalled by this behavior after he was shown mercy by his master. So, they told the master about what happened and the master had this servant come back in to see him and scolded him. He was very angry at him and said that he shouldn't have done that after he was shown mercy. Surely, he would've shown mercy himself to his fellow servant. So, he then proceeded to throw this servant in jail where he would be tortured until he could pay his debt back. Interesting turn of events right? Kind of makes you think about karma and the sayings "what goes around comes around" and "you read what you sow".


So, I've talked to you about many finances scriptures in the Bible that I found interesting. Of course, there are a lot more where that came from if you're interested. Just search for them on Google. It'll be well worth your time. Other worthy mentions are the scriptures about saving money and about how important that is. It really puts things into perspective and reminds me that I have to start saving some money every week again. It's super important!


I hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you for reading. Please leave me a comment and share with your friends!