Have you ever wondered what exactly makes someone a great bowler? If you believe the Flintstones it is because of the immaculate twinkle toe approach, but in reality, it takes more than just practice and a fancy stride to the lane. It is too easy to simply say to practice more, that should not count as one of the tips on how to bowl better, instead these are active things that you can either do or change to make sure that your next game is going to be an improvement upon what you have bowled up until now.

If you are serious on wanting to become better at bowling, heed these tips on how to bowl better. While practice is going to help you become better at bowling after you put time and effort into it, there are other things you can do to make sure you reach a new level of excellence at bowling.

Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball- Black, Gold and SilverThe biggest part of bowling – oh yeah….the ball

Out of all the tips on how to bowl better not one is going to have the same influence as getting a bowling ball to match your style of play. You want something that is not too heavy, and not too light. With your own bowling ball you are going to know how it runs across the lane, you will know just how much spin you can or have to put onto it.

It’s the shoes right? Its got to be the shoes!

BSI Ladies 651 Black and Pink Bowling ShoesMost people who rent their bowling shoes the first time they play never really realize just how important bowling shoes are. Just like the regular shoes you were on a daily basis you are going to have to take good care of your bowling shoes. When looking for bowling shoes it is important that you get them a half size bigger than what you usually wear. With your own bowling shoes you know the kind of grip they have and therefore can focus on throwing the ball rather than reenacting Bambi on Ice.

You have to focus – eye of the tiger

Clear Eye Ball Bowling BallPlenty of people go to bowl with friends to get out of the house for a while and enjoy themselves. But if you want to really get better and start beating your own best scores you are going to have to focus. If you focus more on the game itself and see how the lane is treating others, you are going to notice certain advantages.

Thumbs up

It is not often discussed, but if you are having a hard time determining where your next throw is going to go be sure to check out your thumb. Generally speaking, the direction in which your thumb is pointing is going to be where the ball is going to go.

With these tips on how to bowl better you are going to find yourself becoming better, while it might not occur overnight, it is important to realize that you will eventually start making good progress.