Helpful Tips On How To Save Money During Holiday Shopping and Anytime Of The Year

It Is Easier To Buy Cheap, Affordable Gifts Than You Think!

The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but they can also be extremely hard on your budget when shopping for presents. Of course, one affordable alternative is making homemade gifts from the heart. But when you are needing to buy a good, cheap Christmas gift, how can you pull this off when your spending budget is small?

There is a tip I will share, that works wonders, and spares you the stress of the holiday rush. But I will warn you in advance, it takes a willingness to plan ahead, because last minute shopping is not an affordable time of year to start looking for presents. 

The key to buying quality, name brand Christmas presents comes down to two words: clearance and seasonal. It is human nature to conserve spending during times in the year when you don't have to. If your household funds are limited, it is understandable that you don't want to part with funds for a gift six months away. But if you are willing to break that mode of thinking, you will save a fortune on quality presents you will be excited to give to your loved ones.

Let me start with this reasoning, to get you on the right path. If you are dedicated to purchasing the "Super Duper Grill, Model 600" (yes, I made this up) for your dad this Xmas, is it any less in quality if you spend $12.00 for it vs. $50.00? is the same grill. Sometimes there is a stigma we often place on ourselves, that if we bought it on clearance, we are cheapskates. That couldn't be further from the truth! It is the same product...wouldn't you rather have save money when you purchased it?

So that is where my tip comes in. Throughout the year, usually at the end of a season or event, there are the most amazing sales. For example, after summer, Target had 75% off on all grills, patio furniture, lawn and garden, tower fans and even window air conditioners. Yes...seventy-five percent off on ALL of these gorgeous, name brand, high quality products. For the person on your gift list that has always wanted a Weber grill, buying it at the end of summer and giving it to them at the holidays is a wonderful idea. Walmart did the same at the end of the summer.

After the back to school rush is over, adorable furniture for teen bedrooms was marked down 75% as well...amazing prices for really "cool" stuff. But don't check sale ads, because they don't give you the whole picture. Think like a store. When they are clearing out items to make way for holidays, they are going to lower prices tremendously.

Another thing to pay attention to is that little "clearance section" in your favorite stores. My local Pier 1 has one wall that has amazing products marked down to a small percentage of what someone would have paid only months earlier. The same goes for Bath and Body Works, Ross and many other stores. The key here is that most stores have that special clearanced section...your job is to find it and always check it out. One hint is to check the end of aisles and most department stores. I've found some of my best bargains in those areas.

So where to put these items? We live in an rv full time, so no one knows better than us the concept of limited space. But we do have a storage unit, and often shop the last 1/3 of the year so we don't have to be smooshed with gifts most of the year. You can find the space!

Finally, don't be fooled by "sales" during the holidays. A few dollars off at best? Sorry, I'm not buying it. The true "sales" are when stores have to unload items seasonally...paying $40 for a $160 air THAT'S a sale!