House Training A Puppy
Credit: Humane Society Of Greater Rochester via flickr

House training a puppy might look like a daunting job to accomplish especially at the beginning, but the whole process does not need to be stressful for you and your pup. It needs to be done positively without having to scare your pooch just to obey you. It may look as simple as lining old newspapers on the floor, but it will require you a lot of patience and commitment. You also have to be vigilant and strict in order to be successful while also having calm assertive energy. Here are a few tricks to remember in how to house train a puppy.


  • Create a routine. Puppies are technically like babies, so you need to maintain a strict schedule. With a schedule, your dogs learn when it is time to eat, play, urinate and sleep. Your pooch can hold their pee for an hour per month of age. If your pup is about three months, they can hold it for about 3 hours. So if you have noticed your doggy has urinated 3 hours ago, her or she is guaranteed to be wanting to go right!   
  • Make sure to pick a potty area outside the house, if possible. Allow your pet to have a frequent access to her potty area outside so that she can avoid having “accidents” inside. Say, “Go potty” or "Go Wee" while your pooch is peeing/pooping, and eventually using these words repetitively every time they need to go will help your puppy understand what you want them to do.

  • Use positive reinforcement. Give your pup a treat right after  done urinating so that they will remember getting rewards when they do something right. Since dogs are easily distracted, keeping positive reinforcement at the end of the process will make them want to do their business as soon as they get out there because they know the faster they do it the faster they get that treat!

  • Don’t feed your doggy a few hours before bedtime. Unless you want them peeing or pooping at night. A puppy can sleep for about 7 hours without having to go, but in case it wakes up in the middle of the night, don’t make it a big deal. They will realize that it’s not play time, and will just go back to sleep. If your puppy really needs to go, try not talking to him/her as much as possible, and bring them to their potty area. Once done, return puppy to bed.

  • If puppy accidentally did it inside… Don’t scare your pup in case when you catch them urinating inside your home. Instead, tell him or her, “Go outside!” so that they can continue their business outdoors. Give them a treat once your pup finishes peeing/pooping there. Don’t you ever, ever use physical punishment techniques when you have seen them have an accident inside the house. Just clean it thoroughly so that they won’t smell it there. Ask your vet what kind of cleaning products to use for soiled areas because if your pet can smell their past deed there, they will most likely to repeat it as they will remember it as their potty area.

These are just a number of techniques to remember when house training your dog. There are more out there, but what’s important is that you let your new pooch feel that you care for it.

It is really simple for anyone to house train a puppy, as long as you and your dog are in it one hundred percent.

I know there are different techniques out there how has your house training journey been? Leave a comment below and let everyone know your story and tips! Sharing is caring!

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