Happy Mother's Day!

It's almost that time of year again; Mother's Day! Each year we get the honor and privilege of having a day to devote to our loving mothers who took part in our lives, raised us, and helped us become who we are today. But many people struggle to find ways to show their mothers appreciation because they aren't sure what to do. Should you do something extravagant like a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant, or keep it more low key and give her some flowers and chocolates? Here's some tips and ideas to finding that perfect gift and activity for your mother and make her full of joy and gladness.

Taking her out

There are many ideas for taking your mother out, but the most important thing of all is to know just what your mother likes and play upon that aspect of her personality. We don't want her to feel uncomfortable or uneasy but we also want her to feel appreciated and loved. Here's some simple and yet thoughtful ideas for taking her out on this special day.

1. Finding her favorite type of restaurant - DoeRestaurantCredit: http://www.morguefile.coms she like Italian? Find a really good authentic Italian restaurant that focuses on making this day special and reserve it in advance. Maybe she likes Mexican food? Maybe she's more into Japanese? Whatever it may be you know your mother best so find what she likes and look for the best restaurant in that field and book it early.

2. Take her to a spot she'll love - My mother loves the ocean so taking her down to the beach and having a bunch of towels set out with a meal and entertainment is something right up her alley. Other mothers love a quiet place such as a quaint coffee shop or a relaxing lodge. There is always a place your mother loves best and it's important to find this out early so you can make sure you can get her there and treat her to something nice.

3. Take her out on a night of fun - Maybe your mother is more energetic and outgoing and wants to have fun on this special day. Find a local place that involves dancing or a fun activity she loves to do and book it early! She'll be really appreciative if she finds out she's going out to have fun and she will absolutely love the time and thoughtfulness you put into making her night special.

Bring the night to her

There are tons of mothers out there that would rather have a nice night at home and don't want to go out and experience the turbulence of a crowd. This is fine as there are many wonderful thoughtful things you can do for her and make her feel special on this night in the comfort of her own home.

1. Make her dinner - This one seems obvious but you'd be surprised how many people miss it. Buy the supplies you will need to make her favorite dish and come over her house and make it there. Having a fresh cooked meal of her favorite dish is something any mother would dream of. I would add another personal touch to the evening like candles or some soft music you can play. Whatever she likes, do it!

2. Have a gaInside homeCredit: http://www.morguefile.comme or music night - Many moms out there love to have fun but don't necessarily want to go out. Bringing the fun to their doorstep in the form of board games, music, and entertainment would be a blast and something she would remember. Making her laugh and having a good time will brighten her mood and cause her to have a really enjoyable time. Find her favorite game or song and play it. Bring your guitar and find a simple song she likes, even if you aren't good at the guitar. You can easily play a few chords and come up with something wonderful for her to listen to.

3. Do an activity she loves - My best friend's mother is a huge arts and crafts buff. My friend decided to gather a bunch of supplies at the local craft store and set out to find an idea she hasn't come up with and taught her how to make it. She totally loved it because it was right up her alley and kept her engaged and entertained. Find something your mother loves doing and surprise her on this special day.

Gifts, gifts, and more gifts

Whether you choose to take your mother out or stay inside, gifts are always something you will want to have for her even if she tells you she wants nothing. The top 3 choices aFlowers for Mother's DayCredit: http://www.morguefile.comre always cards, sweets like chocolate or fruits, and flowers. I love these ideas even if they are somewhat cliché and overused because they still mean a lot in her heart. If you want to take things further and ditch the usual card and candy route there are numerous other things you could do to replace those gifts and show you care. Maybe you can give her a coupon for a paid for massage she wants badly, or give her a cool new gadget she's been talking about and wants. The point is giving her a gift she can enjoy will mean a lot to her and she'll love whatever it is you give her.

Have fun

Regardless of how you plan your Mother's Day, enjoy the day with her! There are so many ideas that go beyond the scope of this article, but hopefully these few tips give you a good insight as to how to plan the evening. Enjoy yourself and have fun in planning a way to spoil your mother on this very special day! You will be happy knowing that you gave your mother a great night, and she will be happy knowing that you love her and took the time and effort to plan a special day for her.