Here are some tips to show you how to photograph realistic looking miniatures that you can be happy with. If you want to capture the detail in your minatures it is going to take some photography skill on your part and there are ways to do this.

Firstly you will need to gather everything that you need including minatures and gadgets. You will need a digital camera of at least 2 mega pixel, if you have access to a digital camera with better resolution you can use this. For closer shots it is a good idea to look at the macro settings in your camera.

Before starting learn more about the shutter speed settings, apperture and white balance. A tripod may be needed to take these shots depending on they model of camera that you have. You will also need to think about the kind of lighting you are going to have.

Lighting is very important if you want to capture the perfect picture, use natural lighting or white lights if you want to get the best results.By using lighting correctly your colors of your minatures can also be enhanced. If you are going to use spotlights it is best to use 75 watt bulbs and use three spotlights.

How to Photograph Realistic Looking Miniatures

The next step is to set up your minatures for the shoot, make sure your camera is set to macro. By using this setting you can capture pictures that are very clear even if you take photos that are near to the object. You can then start by setting your aperture speed to 2.8 and testing it to see which gets the best results.

As I have mentioned above lighting is very important if you want the perfect picture, if you don't have enough light your objects can be lost in the background and if too much lighting is used the minatures will just show up as a blurr. After each shot you can adjust the lighting until it is perfect. You can also combine different color lights such as yellow and white lights to get the look you are after.

Another tip on how to photograph realistic looking minatures is to experiment with the flash, take pictures at different distances and angles to see which give you the best shots.By experimenting with all these techniques you can capture realistic looking minatures that you will be proud of.