Quitting Smoking Requires Motivation and Determination

Find the reason why you want to quit:

You don’t just come up with the idea to quit smoking. You need something to motivate you, something with a power to make you quit it. Come up with a good strong reason whether it is because you want to be there for your family, you want to protect your children from copying you or you want to save yourself from lung cancer. Keep yourself reminded of your strong motive several times a day.


Ask yourself ‘WHY DO I SMOKE’?

Normally you don’t bother why you lit a cigarette; you just lit one and begin to smoke. Start asking yourself this question to know what the reason is behind your smoking. Is it some mental tension, some grief or is it just to fit among your peers? Or is it the source of excitement for you?


Find the alternative to your cause:

When you find the answer to the above question, start dealing with them the way they deserve. Root out the sources of tension and grief in your mind and employ the right ways to do so. Find yourself a good non-smoking company that does not smoke. Stick with friends that help you quit smoking.


Indulge yourself in healthy activities:

To free your mind from the urge to smoke, you need to keep yourself busy. Take up a healthy hobby. Start the habit of cleaning your house and keep yourself busy. Read books on how to quit smoking. Start running; there is always room for running. The fitter you get, the more you are inclined towards quitting smoking.


Eat healthy stuff:

This is a good and useful ‘quit smoking tip’. You do not need to start gaining weight in your way to quit smoking, so take up low calorie food as your all time snack.


Join a therapy group:

Group discussions in therapy groups are a great way to keep you motivated and stick to your goal of ‘quit smoking’. The inspiration you get from the stories of other smokers working on ‘quit smoking tips’ comes in very handy.


Use nicotine-replacement therapy:

Nicotine is addictive and you cannot expect yourself not to feel the craving for a smoke. Going cold turkey always results in starting again. It can even make you irritable and frustrated. So, nicotine-replacement therapy through nicotine gum, lozenges or a skin patch that will overcome your craving is a good quit smoking tip.


Involve your friends and family:

A good way to keep yourself on the track to quit smoking is to tell your friends and family about your goal and ask them to keep you away from smoking.


Avoid other triggers:

Keep yourself away from other triggers such as alcohol. One addiction opens the way for others.


Believe in yourself:

Faith is the foremost requirement for any achievement. Believe in yourself that you will do it and keep reviving your faith.


If you really are serious about quitting smokng, these ‘how to quit smoking tips’ will surely help you find a way to lead a smoke-free life.