One area of the body that quite a large percentage of women hate is their thighs. So let's give you a few tips to start losing weight from your thighs. Number one it is not possible to lose weight just from your thighs. You need to lose the weight from all over your entire body. But, what we can do is tone up the muscle in the thighs which will dramatically improve your legs appearance as you are losing weight.

Tips On Losing Weights From Your ThighsLots of women have figures which are known as a pear shape body. Meaning that most of the weight is deposited on the thigh area. So to start toning up this area, we need to start working out. A fantastic and excellent form of exercise which can be completed in the comfort of your own home is using a skipping rope. This exercise can work wonders for the thigh area and will quickly start to tone up the butt area as well. Rope skipping can quickly get a little boring, so to spice it up a little, try doing the exercise as you are watching your favorite TV show. Also you will be killing two birds with one stone, by exercising as you are watching TV shows that you would be watching anyway.

Another fantastic way to tone up those thighs is by cycling. If you are not an outdoors type of person and do not feel comfortable riding a bicycle on the roads, why not pick up a stationery exercise bike and start doing it at home. Look for one which is well built and has different program settings so that you can keep moving forward with your workouts. Most good stationery bikes will have the total calories burnt function, which is excellent at working out the amount of weight you are going to lose just through exercising. One pounds is equal to 3500 calories, is if you burn off 7000 calories a week through exercise this will equate to a two pound weight loss for the week just by exercising.

Another good exercise for losing fat from around the thighs is squats. You must ensure to do this exercise using proper form, otherwise injuries may occur, which will put you out of action for several weeks. Which is not good when you are trying to lose weight. If you are new to exercise, YouTube have lots of videos showing you exactly how to squat using the correct form. If you have joint problems in your knees, squatting will probably need to be avoided because this exercise may worsen your knee conditions.

So remember start exercising and eating correctly and you will start losing weight not just from your thighs but from all over your body. By weight training you will tone up your muscles, which is going to dramatically improve your body's appearance as you are losing weight. One thing you must never do is starve yourself thinking you are going to start losing weight fast. You will for the first few days, then its all downhill from there. Especially now that you have slowed your metabolism down to the point, were every calorie you eat is stored as fat.

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