There are many ways to make money on the internet. One can start a blog,write articles,fill out surveys,sell things and even make money viewing ads. One of the best ways to make money on the internet is to write. Making a blog is a great way to earn money, but it entails a lot of work, when you make a blog you have to get traffic to that blog which can be tough, plus you have to get hosting, a domain,a site template and much much more. Writing an article, on an article revenue sharing site is a great way to earn money writing, while not having to deal with the hassels of making/operating a blog. This is where infobarrel comes in. Infobarrel is a revenue sharing site that allows users to make money by writing articles. Infobarrel shares the  ad revenue that your article generate with you.  In this article, I will show you, how to capitalie on the opertunity infobarrel has given people to make moeny.


 Getting Started

Getting started is very easy. All you need is an Infobarrel account and a google Adsense account, both can be made easily and for free. Once you have these accounts, you can start writing. Unlike other sites, Infobarrel sets high standards for writing. They approve every single article before it is posted on the site. This means that the quality of content on this site is VERY high which is an added benefit of using it. writing an article is very easy. As long as your article is over 400 words and does not have inappropriate content, your article should be approved. Most articles are approved in less then 24 hours. Once you have written an article and have gotten it approved, you should hook up your Adsense account. This can be done fairly easily in your profile. Once you have your account hooked up you are ready to make money!


Making Money

Making money on Infobarrel is pretty easy. Once you write your article and have your Adsense account hooked up, you are halfway to the finish line. The next job involves a lot of time and effort. In the beginning of this article I said, that Infobarrel takes the hassle out of making.operating  a blog. This is true.  When writing on Infobarrel, you still have to do work. Your main job will be getting traffic to your articles. This is were search engine optimization comes in. Search engine optimization means optimizing your webpage/site for search engines.

When I write an article I can get about 10-100 unique views a month, but if I want to get more views to my articles, I need to do heavy search engine optimization.  Infobarrel does some of this work for you. Since Infobarrel is  already an established site, you will receive some traffic just by posting your article. In order to get more though you will need to do some search engine optimization.


It is very simple to get traffic to your blog. Getting traffic mainly involves building links, and optimizing your pages for certain keywords.

Getting links are pretty straightforward.  There are two main types of links Inbound and Outbound.

Outbound Links are links that start from your site/web page and go out. These links are used often and are very easy to create

Inbound Links are links that start from another site/webpage and go to yours. These types of links are the most important. This shows search engines and people how important your site is. This is also harder to get. You can get outbound links from many different sources. You can comment on other websites and ad your webpages link, you can write articles or content on other sites with your link. Theses are free ways to ad links from other webpages to yours. You can also pay other people to post links on there sites to yours or start a pay per click ad campaign. Starting a Pay Per Click ad campaign can be very effective. It is a form of a link since when people click on the ad they are led to your web page.

You can start an ad campaign with very little money. Using Google Adwords, you can start a small ad campaign that can be broadcasted all around the globe. Ad campaigns are very effective and if you are willing to spend the money, can yield great results.

Another way to get traffic to your articles is to utilize social media. Using Facebook,Twitter,Digg and other social media sites, you can spread the word about your articles.

Using keywords is a great way to optimize your articles for search engines. This involves using certain keywords in your articles,tags and descriptions that the search engines will see. For example in this article I use the keywords Infobarrel and Making Money Online. Search engines will see these keywords and then will rank my site higher for the terms Infobarrel and Making Money Online. When writing articles and focusing on keywords make sure to not keyword stuff the articles, which involves using a certain keyword many times and stuffing your article with it. This practise is looked down upon by Google and is not allowed on infobarrel. On average using a keyword less then 5% of the time in your articles is ok anything more, will look like keyword stuffing. When writing an article, Infobarrel will notify you if you are using a keyword a large number of times.


Here are some tips for helping you make money on Infobarrel. I have been a member of this site for a while and have accumulated great tips for making money

  • When writing articles always try to add details and always check your grammar and spelling.
  • Use the forums to learn new things and to teach new things.
  • Participate in the community and focus on building subscribers
  • Always try to get your articles featured on the front page using the featured link
  • Share links with other members and participate in links swaps, they can really help your articles get traffic.
  • Always use the maximum number of tags aloud when posting an article.
  • Always try to ad images and videos to enhance your articles.



 In conclusion, Infobarrel is not for everyone, need to work hard to become successful. It is my belief that if you work hard and stay motivated you will succeed on this site. If you enjoyed this article please check out some of my other articles on making money online.  I hope this article has helped you. If you decide to join Infobarrel, you are welcome to ask me any questions and I would be more than happy to help you get started on this site. You can also leave comments below.