So, you are thinking about setting up your own business cleaning company?  It can be a great way to quickly generate a profit and work at a pace you are comfortable with. Following are some simple tips and guidelines to follow to ensure that your business cleaning is successful from the beginning.

First of all you will need to decide what niche or type of business cleaning you want to specialize in. While larger firms often take on many different types of cleaning, you may want to narrow your choices down if you are starting out on your own. Maid services or home cleaning services are usually not as demanding as cleaning newly constructed buildings, large offices or window cleaning. However, people can be wary of inviting strangers into their home and because of this you will need impeccable references to secure new clients. 

How much starting capital can you invest? If you do not have a lot of startup cash or you are unable to secure a loan you may want to opt for part time business cleaning to begin with. You will not require as many cleaning materials and you will be able to build up your profits over time rather than having to invest heavily from the very beginning, while still having time for other employment.

Legalize your business. While you may be able to work 'under the radar' for a while, if you are serious about starting and operating your own business and potentially expanding it over time it is important that you start off with everything legally in order. This means securing the right type of licenses or permits and keeping track of all of your expenses from the very beginning. Do you have a phone you can use for your business that is set up with an answering service for the times you are out on a job?  

Once all the groundwork is in place it is time to advertise. Word of mouth referrals work well. If you do not have a lot of money to invest in advertising you should opt for highly visible advertising so your service can become well known quickly. A business cleaning company can be profitable; just be sure to set it up correctly from the beginning.