In every marriage no matter how young or old, there will come trying times where you or both you and your spouse will start to question whether or not you each made the right choice to commit to each other. In most cases, this comes when the stress is high and both partners feel the best option is to end their marriage and get a divorce. When we first get married, divorce is probably the last thing on our minds. So how did the thought make its way to the forefront? This article will give some quick tips that may just help you save your marriage. Sadly, many couples haven’t even been married long enough to make it through the initial pains and trials of marriage, but it does not have to end in divorce. My first tip to you is this; relationship pains will not go away in divorce. These problems and pains will surface themselves in a new relationship. You have to put in the work to achieve a happy and fulfilling relationship with yourself and your spouse. Keep this in mind.

Tip #1 Ask yourself, what are you doing to save your marriage?

Marriage requires that we serve one another. Both partners need to work to keep each other happy and satisfied. Below are a few questions to help you assess what you are or aren't doing in your marriage.

Are you

a) showing your love for your spouse?
b) listening to your spouse?

c) willing to sacrifice personal wants to help your spouse?
d) making time for your spouse?
e) complimenting your spouse?
f) making an effort to serve your spouse?
g) sharing laughter with your spouse?

h)taking the time and effort to help your spouse enjoy sex?
i) being honest with your spouse?

Tip #2 Listen to each other.

Whenever there is a problem, seriously take the time to try and understand your partner’s needs. Take responsibility and stop doing anything that bothers or hurts your spouse. Before jumping to criticize your spouse, recognize that your spouse won’t be perfect, and neither will you.

Even if you find yourself having a hard time pleasing your spouse or if you just don’t want to, serve your spouse’s needs. If you do this and search within yourself you will remember the deep feelings you once had for your spouse.

Tip#3 Forgive each other

Forgive each other. Realize that no one is perfect. Forgive and forget to move on. Which brings me to tip #4

Tip #4 Avoid holding onto past grievances.

Avoid holding on and storing past grievances and avoiding bringing them up when trying to resolve the issue at hand. This will always raise additional problems and it keeps couples from being able to solve their current issues. This will also hinder future communication because neither partner will want to resolve any problem for fear of bringing up the past.

Tip #5 Work together, don’t take on all the work yourself.

If you feel like you are doing all the work to save the marriage and your spouse isn’t doing anything to save it, this is a problem. Don’t take on all the work yourself. You will feel devalued and unloved if you are the only one putting in the effort. Until effort is shown by both people, the only thing you can do is help create an environment where the other partner does not feel attacked when asking to help save your marriage. If you treat your partner with respect and dignity, you should expect the same in return. You cannot make anyone love you. Hopefully this article has helped give you ideas and inspiration on how you can save your marriage.