Declutter Your Life

Get Rid of Your Junk

When you look around your home do you may think to yourself that everything you can see is essential and belongs their. When you sit down and think about it though when was the last time you used it or took the time to appreciate it. Removing some of the things that clutter your home makes living more comfortable and relaxing. Organising, putting away and getting rid of some of the clutter in your life saves time, helps you relax and de-stresses you.

Declutter Your JunkWe humans have a natural in-built tendency to stash things away, we are all guilty of it whether it's old clothes, letters, newspapers or plastic carrier bags. It’s when you are spending time looking for something you know you have but can’t put your finger on where it is you know you need to declutter your home and organise your life.

Top Tips to Help You Declutter Your Life

1. Be Methodical and Start Small

If you have a lot of stuff cluttering your home then you are best off concentrating on one section of a room at a time. Knowing you have 8 rooms to clean can seem like an enormous task. Breaking it down means means things won’t get on top of you.

2. Set Yourself A Deadline

I’m sure you know when you have a deadline you’re more likely to get to work than when you set yourself no time limit. If you have no deadline to declutter and tidy your home you will put it off till the following day and then the next and end up carrying on without decluttering at all

3. Organise

It’s a good idea to prioritise what you are going to throw away and what you want to keep. If you know you want to keep something but you don’t use it very often put it away in a drawer or cupboard. Remember you don’t have to throw everything away, some people may find your stuff useful so consider selling items on Ebay or recycling them.

4. Be Realistic

Don’t kid yourself. Decide whether your clutter will be useful or whether it will sit gathering dust then take action. If you can’t decide put it aside for a few weeks and see if you need it or not. If it holds no personal value then get rid of it. Some things hold sentimental value, try to organise these so you can appreciate them and not let your heirloom get overrun with clutter

5. Start Today

This is most important, don’t procrastinate or you will never declutter and organise your life. Take action today and get rid of the clutter in your home and you will be all the better for it.