It is that time of year again; time to spring clean is just around the corner! Most of us love this time of year because we get the sudden urge to clean our homes and make them sparkle; however, many dread it because of the giant tasks they must hurdle. Closets get so messy. The main reason for this is that the mess can be closed behind a door and not seen by visitors to your home. If the thought of the job is weighing you down, take a breath, and follow the steps below to get that closet clean in no time and with little strain on you!

For starters, let us take a bedroom closet in a child's room for example. They can get really messy only shortly after cleaning them out. They also grow out of the clothing they have quickly, so it can quickly become full of clothes that do not fit anymore. Start by taking everything that sits on the floor out of the closet and place it in the room to go through. Once the stuff is out, go through it and get rid of outgrown toys, shoes, and clothing that were lying in the floor. Now that the closet floor is clean, you will have a place to put a hamper, a shoe rack to neatly organize shoes. Next, go through the clothes and get rid of the ones that are too small, and hang all clothing back up on the same kind of hanger to allow for a unified and organized look. Group clothing together, such as, jeans, leggings, athletic pants, short sleeved shirts, sleeveless, and long sleeved should all hang with like clothing. This will make it easy to find just what you need when you need it.

For storage bin, shoe racks, and other closet organization ideas, you can view photos on the web of what others have done with their closets to make them look and stay neat and tidy. It is a good idea to know what you plan to do with the space before you begin so that you can be prepared and have everything you need on hand when you are ready to start.