We all know that childhood obesity is becoming a much more prevailing problem today than it was years ago.  Certainly the main contributors to this problem are sedentary lifestyles (playing video games and watching television) and poor eating habits (eating too much junk food and fast food).  Unfortunately, parents exacerbate the problem for the child by either berating the child or pressuring her to lose weight.  Instead of feeling helpless, there are some things that parents can do.  Below are just a few tips to get you started.

Be careful how you deal with your child's weight problem.  A child doesn't know how to process an adult's comments and suggestions as them trying to help.  Instead a child may interpret your words of encouragement as criticism and internalize a feeling that they are not good enough the way they are.  The last thing a parent wants is to hurt their child, so let them know that you love them no matter what size they are.  When your child is ready to make changes, he will come to you.

One good place to start on your child's weight loss journey is at the grocery store.  Since right now you get to make the decisions about what food is brought into the house, make wise decisions when shopping for groceries.  Reduce the amount of junk food that you buy and when you do get snacks, choose healthier versions of those snacks.  Also, cut back on the number of times you stop at the fast food restaurants. Try planning your menus on a weekly basis and cook at home as often as practicable. 

There's more than one way to get exercise.  Present exercise in the form of fun instead of a workout.  Most kids will not stick with an extreme workout regimen like the Insanity Workout or Chalean Extreme; but they will go for having some fun.  Get your kids to the park and ride bikes or throw a frisbee around; go for a family walk around the block after dinner; or head to the basketball court for a quick game of one-on-one.  There are all kinds of ways to have fun, just find something that your kids love to do and do it.

If you follow these simple weight loss tips, before you know it your kid will be dropping those extra pounds.  She will be happier and healthier, and so will you.